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Concordia University of Edmonton


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The Concordia University of Edmonton has played an important role in Alberta's educational history since 1921. In 1987, Concordia University of Edmonton began awarding undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences. Today, we offer over 45 majors and minors in the fields of Arts, Science, and Management, two after-degree programs, three master's degrees, and several graduate certificates and diplomas.

Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing a higher education grounded in a liberal arts tradition. We are a globally aware and responsible university and focus on our learners and the community's needs. Learn about Concordia University of Edmonton through our students and faculty's voices, in our new video series, #myCUEstory:

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In the regular university, students move from lecture theatre to a massive hall. Scientists stay with scientists, educators with educators, philosophers with philosophers. Marketers share ideas with other marketers. The Concordia University of Edmonton was born to be different. For almost one hundred years, our students came together through a shared belief, despite their varied interests and fascinations, majors, and minors. It created a unique culture, where we could learn and create with anyone. CUE is no longer a faith-based campus, but it remains a gathering place — a place of spirit — no matter what drives us.

At CUE, we apply what we learn, in and out of our formal programs of study, to solve problems on campus and beyond. We earn a broad education, intellectually and emotionally, even as we specialize. We live and work on a small campus, a river valley oasis, but Edmonton is our workshop. CUE is a boutique university, small enough that every student is essential yet large enough for a global outlook. In and out of our classrooms and lecture halls, we translate what we learn into extraordinary hands-on experiences. We can sit in the back. However, at CUE, someone will always invite us to the front.

If we are scientists, we can follow our curiosity into drama. A business student can graduate with a foundation in history, philosophy, and Indigenous knowledge. We can all learn new languages and traditions. We can test our ideas with people from every department and course of study, from around the world. We can try anything. We can change directions. We can be our best selves. At CUE, a center for innovation blends science and business with the liberal arts and Indigenous studies. At CUE, the president might sit down at our table in the Tegler Centre with coffee and ask us why we chose this school, how it could be even better. The close friends we meet at CUE, the friends we remain with our entire lives could be from five different faculties and five countries.

We are continually seeking the right balance between teaching and research, specialization, and adventurousness. However, our ultimate goal has not changed since 1921: to be more than students and professors, to create a community of active citizens, of good and honorable people. The Concordia University of Edmonton is a community of learning grounded in scholarship and academic freedom, preparing students to be independent thinkers, ethical leaders, and citizens for the common good. The Concordia University of Edmonton will be recognized nationally and internationally for its graduates' knowledge, skill, integrity, and wisdom.

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