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Trinity Washington University


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 Trinity is a comprehensive institution offering a broad range of educational programs that prepare students across the lifespan for the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of contemporary work, civic and family life. Trinity’s core mission values and characteristics emphasize.
Commitment to the Education of Women in a particular way through the design and pedagogy of the historic undergraduate women’s college and advancing principles of equity, justice, and honor in the education of women and men in all other programs. Foundation for Learning in the Liberal Arts curriculum design in all undergraduate degree programs emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and values of liberal learning in all graduate and professional programs.
Integration of Liberal Learning with Professional Preparation through applied and experiential learning opportunities in all programs. Grounding in the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the Catholic tradition, welcoming persons of all faiths to achieve the more astronomical purposes of learning in the human search for meaning and fulfillment.
Your success is Trinity’s goal: for more than a century, Trinity has prepared women and men for successful careers and well-rounded lives. Trinity offers a broad range of accredited degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. Just minutes from downtown D.C., our campus is easy to get to from the beltway and the Metro Red Line and bus. We offer a free shuttle to our school from the Brookland Metro Station as well as affordable on-campus parking options and ample street parking in the surrounding area. All students receive a free membership to the campus athletic center.
At both the graduate and undergraduate levels, Trinity Washington University is a private university located in Washington, DC that offers an array of degree programs for men and women. They are just a handful of the many Trinity graduates that credit the university with a liberal arts background that helped them become leaders in their various career fields.
Trinity’s lushly-wooded campus in the nation’s capital bustles with life as 2,000 students pursue their degrees. Each Trinity student—man or woman, graduate or undergraduate—has the advantage of learning in small classes, allowing them to connect with their professors and classmates, and enrich their education.
Disability Support Services (DSS) is committed to facilitating the development and attainment of educational goals for Trinity students with disabilities by ensuring equal access to University programs and services and promoting student self-advocacy and campus-wide disability awareness. As a matter of policy and practice, Trinity’s DSS complies with the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
If you are a student with a cognitive, psychological, or physical disability and are experiencing academic or environmental barriers, you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations to reduce those barriers. You are encouraged to visit DSS to get more information and to schedule an appointment.
Student Affairs supports the efforts of all Trinity students in the formation of Student Government Councils. Student Government Councils exist in all areas and are designed to facilitate communication within the student body and with the Administration.
Since the class of 1904, Trinity has prepared its students to become leaders of character, passionate intellectuals excited about their future. Always welcoming to people of all faiths, Trinity was founded as a Catholic women’s college by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1897. These nuns believed that women should have the same opportunity to experience the empowerment of higher education when many schools only accepted men. While remaining true to its original mission, Trinity began taking men into its evening and weekend programs during the 1960s.
Today’s students participate in many unique traditions that root their academic experience in a culture unique to Trinity. For instance, each graduating class is given a color, either red (like the class of 1904), green, blue, or yellow. Throughout the year, flags, banners, and even students adorned in one of these hues, demonstrate class pride and a sense of togetherness.
As the global community moves into the 21st century, educating a new generation of leaders and citizens equipped with the intellectual perspective and ecumenical knowledge of liberal learning is as essential as any other time in history. The ability to think critically, to write and speak, to make ethical judgments, to know the context of history and literature, to understand the fundamental economic and political forces affecting the psychology of whole peoples, these are the quantities essential to effective leadership in our ever-changing global environment. These are the hallmarks of a Trinity education in the liberal arts.
Liberal learning at Trinity is enriched and enlarged by the resources of the nation’s capital, from internships in Congressional offices or scientific laboratories to research at the Library of Congress to participate in classes at any of the significant area universities through the Consortium of Universities.
Trinity’s commitment to liberal learning derives its ultimate meaning from the core identity of the Trinity as a Catholic college. Beyond spiritual growth realized through theological studies and liturgies, the Trinity community also lives its faith through active service to people in Washington and around the country. Trinity’s commitment to teaching and liberal learning is also realized in the Honor System that governs all aspects of academic and co-curricular life on campus.

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