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Brock University is one of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. Located in the historic Niagara region, Brock offers all the benefits of a young and modern university in a safe, community-minded city with beautiful natural surroundings.
With more than 18,000 students in seven diverse Faculties, Brock University offers an academic experience that’s second to none. Our degree programs are designed with your future in mind. We focus on your career with co-op and service-learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field.
Brock is more than a school — it is a community. There is a variety of clubs, intramural athletic options, and extracurricular activities to stimulate any interest. Beyond your participation, cheer on the Brock Badgers in a wide variety of sports.
More than 24,000 experiential learning opportunities for students last year. And a co-op program with one of the highest work-term placement rates in Canada. More than 95 percent of co-op grads get hired by their previous employer.
Brock research has a heart for community and a head for innovation. Our passion drives us to discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge. Improving the quality of life through leading-edge research and scholarship is what we are all about. We are heavily invested in the economic, social, and cultural health of our community and beyond. Scores of partnerships between the community and all faculties within the University make research a two-way process: we learn from one another as we discover and innovate.
We are very proud of the research that Faculties and departments generate at Brock and the contributions that our researchers make to society. Here, we overview our research themes and provide a few highlights of the innovative and creative work being done all across the University. Please visit our Faculty and department pages for more information and further examples of our research.
We help grow Niagara’s economic and social life, mainly through our internationally-renowned grape and wine research and through our community think-tank. Our brain and behavior research gives us a deeper understanding of human development stages, especially with our children and adolescents. Our health and well-being research results range from international breakthroughs to fitness programs for seniors and people living with disabilities. Our scientists work with plants to create products and processes used in green chemistry and anti-cancer drugs. Research on our natural environment gives us clues to tackling climate change, water governance, and even life on Mars!

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