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We are a preeminent New England liberal arts college, but you will find us in an urban setting. We are nearly 200 years old, but we provide an education that is both relevant and timeless. We were founded in the Episcopal tradition, but we are rooted in religious and academic freedom principles.
At Trinity College, we believe in transcending boundaries and defying standard definitions. Staying true to ourselves and going our own way. We want you to do the same.
This is where liberal arts meets the real world. If you want to become an engineer and minor in art, you can do that here. You can chase a career in politics and also cultivate a love of biology. It is our mission to help you pursue whatever path you choose and ensure that you gain real-world experience along the way.
Through internships, research opportunities, community-based learning, study-away opportunities, and groundbreaking centers and programs, your academic pursuits will have a lasting impact—on you, and the world. Trinity College prepares you to be a bold, independent thinker who leads a transformative life.
Trinity College is where the liberal arts meet the real world—but how that happens continues to evolve. That is why our collective endeavor is our ability and our responsibility—to envision the Trinity we want to be and to pursue it with unwavering commitment.
We maintain our focus through a defined mission, a strategic plan, and a commitment to critical initiatives. It is how we advance our ideals while attending to the stability and sustainability of our tradition of independence.
As the preeminent liberal arts college in an urban setting, Trinity College prepares students to be bold, independent thinkers who lead transformative lives.
We engage. We foster critical, reflective engagement with scholarship and the creative arts as well as with one another and the full world. Our location in Connecticut’s capital offers excellent opportunities for engagement beyond the classroom in internships, student research, and community learning.
We connect. We link students, faculty, and staff to form a diverse community of learning. The connections of Hartford and Trinity College engage students as global citizens in the full world, and a network of devoted alumni provide lifelong opportunities for Trinity graduates.
We transform. We combine liberal arts with life in a diverse city, enabling students to learn what they love, build confidence, and become leaders and innovators. We support all members of our community in achieving their potential and moving forward with the skills to navigate and transform a dynamic world.
Admission to Trinity is an invitation to connect—with our campus and urban communities, with the world at large, and with yourself.
At Trinity, we are daring and entrepreneurial, a diverse community of thinkers and doers who prize passion, perseverance, and ingenuity. We believe in transcending boundaries and staying true to ourselves. Our students have the power to transform the world.
Come to Trinity if complexity intrigues you if diversity inspires you if independent thinking is at the core of who you are. Here, you will move past any perceived limitations to discover what it is like to be a bold, transformative leader. You want to do more than further your education. You want to make your impact on the world. At Trinity, you will do that by learning to be a bold thinker who is ready to engage, collaborate, and initiate change. You will expand your knowledge and emerge as an agile leader and thoughtful innovator in your workplace and community.
We will not let financial need stand in the way of a Trinity education. That means we refuse to wait for national or government efforts to transform financial aid; we lead meaningful, bold change.
We have created four-year aid awards for low-income students, and our financial aid program is among the most generous in the country: we meet the full demonstrated financial need of all accepted financial aid applicants, and we continue to increase both the amount of aid provided and the percentage of students receiving aid.
As we continue to advance our financial aid program to ensure Trinity is accessible for all, we remain equally focused on providing a relevant, valuable, and sustaining education that does not lead to massive post-graduation loan payments.
Trinity is not just a destination for a degree. It is your entry point to the world. The work you do here can reach the classroom to the surrounding city to the world at large. A Trinity education combines intimate learning environments, broad perspectives, and bold exploration to help you develop precisely what you want to be (yes, even if you are a chemistry major with a passion for art or an anthropologist who loves to sing a cappella).
Trinity students are more than bold thinkers. They are diverse doers. On this campus, we believe that an excellent education involves more than classroom learning and internship experiences. Education is about exploring your interests wherever they lead.
Here, you can join any of our more than 140 student clubs and organizations. Our campus is alive with music festivals, movies, concerts, lectures, parties, student government meetings, mock trials, art shows, and athletic events. The surrounding community is active and engaged, too—step onto the city streets for farmers’ markets, shopping, concerts, theater shows, food, music, and the oldest public art museum in the country.

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