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Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast, Trinity College of Florida remains a premier institution for biblical higher education. Trinity College students are equipped to serve the Lord as they study under professors who integrate a biblical perspective into each course. The Word of God stands at the core of all training and instruction.
The experience at Trinity College of Florida is life-changing. Whether you are building friendships in the residence hall, engaging in challenging biblical texts in the classroom, or traveling with one of our ministry teams – you will experience personal and spiritual growth. As a student, you will have various opportunities, such as participating in NCCAA Division II athletics, joining a student group, or participating in the worship ministry team. These outside-the-classroom opportunities will prove to be an exciting part of the Trinity College experience.
The low student-to-professor ratio (9:1) will allow you to receive the one-on-one attention you deserve from experienced professors. Trinity College of Florida is a place where students and faculty form a strong community, extending beyond the classroom. It is a place where numbers do not replace names, and everyone is valued. It is a place where people forge life-long friendships, and students and teachers alike operate on a solid foundation of God's Word. It is a place where lives change for God's glory, and the world changes as a result.
The mission of Trinity College of Florida is to equip men and women for transformational vocations for the church and all humanity through effective programs of Biblical, Professional, and General Education leading to skill development and a lifelong passion for Christian discipleship.
The Admissions team is here to serve you, help you navigate the process of entering college, and answer your questions. From application to new student orientation, we will walk you through each step while maintaining regular contact to answer questions, offer encouragement, and help in any way possible.
We are seeking applications from students who show academic college readiness and are committed to Jesus Christ. The faculty and staff at TCF will make every effort to provide you with an engaging educational program based on Scripture, faith, and rigorous academics. We hope to offer excellence in Biblical higher education for the sake of the gospel and God's glory.
We are committed to providing an interactive classroom experience to begin your career with confidence, knowing that you have been well-prepared academically, spiritually, intellectually, and professionally. Our professors offer knowledge and experience in the fields in which they are teaching. Each class brings a new opportunity for students to learn, listen, ask questions, interact, or discuss. All professors have an open-door policy, giving students opportunities for additional mentoring and assistance.
Every student graduating with a Bachelor of Arts will receive a double major in Bible and Theology along with a major of choice. This means you will be immersed in the teachings of Scripture and will also learn how the Bible applies to your program of study.
The Student Learning Center offers a place for students to receive academic mentoring, tutoring, or support. Our Learning Center staff is dedicated to helping students succeed. All students are encouraged to visit the Learning Center for academic help or support.
There are various resources available to students, and we are dedicated to helping you maximize your financial aid package! From beginning your FAFSA for the first time to exit counseling upon graduation, we are committed to helping you through the financial aid process.
The experience at Trinity College of Florida is life-changing. Whether you are building friendships late at night in the residence hall, sipping a hot cup of coffee on campus, using your YMCA pass to work out with your roommate, attending a particular chapel service, serving in your local church, or traveling for a weekend get-away with one of our student groups, students experience personal and spiritual growth.
Students are highly involved in various aspects of campus activities. Joining a student group or athletic team provides additional opportunities to get involved in campus life. So much of the college experience is social, so we want to empower students to live in an environment that encourages leadership development and social engagement.
Student groups are a great way to get involved on campus. Students can get involved, take part in campus life, and join a network of like-minded students. With the motivation to make a difference, make friends, or have fun, our student groups offer various events and fun activities.
Student groups vary each year, but always have one thing in common - to bring students together, whether for worship and prayer, or to have a fun weekend outing. Recent student activities include camping trips, bonfires on campus, a trip to Disney, a missions conference, Tiger Games, and game nights. Get involved on campus by joining a student group.

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