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Batangas State University is committed to the holistic development of productive citizens by providing a conducive learning environment for the generation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge through innovative education, multidisciplinary research collaborations, and community partnerships that would nurture the spirit of nationhood and help national fuel economy for sustainable development.
Together, we shall strive to achieve the University's vision of developing active participants in nation-building and responsive to 21st-century challenges. We shall continue serving the University and the community with vigor and a strong sense of commitment to situating Batangas State University at the forefront of sustainable development.
The Batangas State University-Main Library is a repository of knowledge and the heart of any educational institution. It plays a vital role in developing the students' habit of reading and awareness in research. Guided by the University's vision, mission, and core values, the library envisions to obtain a world-class collection of books necessary in the development of efficient leaders and professionals in the field of Engineering, Architecture, Science, Arts, Education, Information Technology, and another discipline. It is concerned not only to bring together various materials to support the University's curricular programs but also to maintain the existing collection to ensure maximum usefulness. Our goal is also geared towards the effective and efficient delivery of library services to satisfy our valued clients' needs.
The University Library, as a complementary partner in BSU's commitment to technological advancement and educational excellence, also provides the latest innovation in library automation. With the e-Lib and the Library Integrated System, which features the OPAC, Online Cataloging, Online Circulation, and Barcoding, our students now have fast access to information, making them more globally competitive. The University Library then invites users to come and maximize its use. In this way, the University fulfill its educative mission that of reaching out and sharing resources.
President Isabelo R. Evangelio Memorial Library, popularly known as the Batangas State University-Main Library, is a two-story academic library situated at the Batangas State University-Main Campus in Batangas City. This library is divided into three "sub-libraries." The whole second floor of the said building is the Undergraduate Library, while the ground floor accommodates both the Graduate School Library and the Electronic Library. The BatStateU Library participates in the University's research and education programs by selecting, collecting, organizing, preserving, and conserving books and other materials for the intellectual stimulation of its students, faculty, and administrative staff.
The University Library envisions obtaining a world-class collection of books necessary in the development of efficient leaders and professionals in engineering, architecture, science, arts, education, information technology, and other disciplines. In line with its vision, the University library is committed to continuously maintain good, well-chosen, and well-selected print and non-print materials in support of the different curricula and programs of the University. The Batangas State University Library aims to provide good, well-chosen print and non-print materials supporting the institution. It also aims to aid the BatStateU community in their educational, informational, and recreational research endeavors.
The Research Office is the University's implementing body of its research program. It is under the Office of the Vice President for Research, Development and Extension, and the Research Council, which serves as the policy making entity from where the Research and Development Office derives approval for its research program. The Director for Research heads the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the University's research programs/projects. Working under the Director for Research are the five Assistant Directors for the areas: Architecture, Engineering and Technology Research Agriculture and Natural Science Research Environment and Biodiversity Research Entrepreneurial, and Business Research and Education, Mathematics, and Social Science Research. The Assistant Directors' general function is to oversee the research activities and their respective offices/research areas within the University.
The University shall pursue thrusts and priorities which may be subjected to review at least annually by each area: Architecture, Engineering, and Technology Agriculture and Natural Science Environment and Biodiversity Entrepreneurial and Business and Education, Mathematics and Social Sciences to make the Research Program of the University responsive to the emerging needs and environmental changes and development depending on research competencies available, appropriateness to the local needs and availability of the resources. The following thrusts and priorities are based on the government's national, regional, and provincial agenda identified through agenda setting and road mapping among research personnel, deans, faculty researchers, students, and external stakeholders.
Our team in the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) is committed to helping the University achieve its vision to mold globally competent and value-laden citizens. We do this by providing non-academic services that support instruction. Our services are student-centered to ensure our primary clients' overall welfare and development. Our OSAS staff is glad to be of service to you anytime. We have an efficient and caring workforce that is always ready to meet your needs. Participate in student organization activities, avail of the University counseling and academic support services, and grab opportunities that develop your self-awareness, creativity, communication skills, leadership, and interpersonal skills towards your personal growth. Learn, be concerned, spend your time wisely, and have fun.

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