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Studying at the London School of Commerce will give you access to all the privileges and benefits of living in one of the world's great cities.
Students from all around the world flock every year to take advantage of London's vibrant education system. Domestic and overseas applicants regard it as the most popular city in the world to study in. Possessing a graduate or postgraduate qualification from a reputable UK university is seen as a benchmark step toward a successful career, and where better to study for a business qualification than in one of the commercial capitals of the world.
Many of the world's biggest employers have headquarters here in London: From marketing to banking, the world's leading international businesses have headquarters in London.
A wide range of support and resource facilities for you to choose from London's academic libraries are some of the best in the world, and membership is generally free. The British Library and Senate House Library are both well-equipped with the most modern technologies and up-to-date texts and archives and historical material.
Students and tourists can find numerous benefits, including discounts on public transport and shopping at popular retail stores and concessions at cinemas and theatres. Also, most of the public galleries and museums offer free entry.
London is a center for educational excellence, a long list of famous international scientists, authors and business people started their careers with a qualification from London. LSC is adding to this list on an annual basis and is proud of its exceptional alumni.
Studying with LSC means you will have access to a world-leading faculty. Our courses are taught by top names in both the academic and commercial industries, ensuring that the quality of teaching and teaching materials is of the highest standard.
At the London School of Commerce (LSC), we understand the varied requirements of local and international students. All of our courses are structured with this firmly in mind. We have always aimed to provide high-quality education at competitive prices, and we offer some of the most cost-effective programs available in the UK.
Students today have many more options to choose from, and therefore, we offer flexible study programs, which keep up with the changes in their circumstances. We offer our students multiple entry and exit points to smoothly progress to the next level of their education.
LSC is proud that its teaching faculty includes distinguished professors, researchers, and highly-qualified professional academics. You will probably be taught by academics whose texts are used by students globally.
London is one of the world's most vibrant cities. Our Central London campuses are surrounded by world-class sporting venues, theatres, shops, restaurants, public galleries, and museums.
London is home to many professional clubs from sports, including football, cricket, and rugby. World-famous venues such as Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Rugby Ground, the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, and cricket at The Oval and Lords are all located in the Capital.
Inspired by these surroundings, LSC organizes various sporting events such as football and cricket. Students have the opportunity to play cricket at a competitive level against other institutions in national university leagues.

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