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Liverpool Hope University pursues a path of excellence in scholarship and collegial life without reservation or hesitation. The University's distinctive philosophy is to 'educate in the round' – mind, body, and spirit – in the quest for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. We are proud of our rich heritage, but we continue to look to the future as we invest in the University. In recent years we have celebrated the opening of the EDEN (Education and Enterprise) building at Hope Park, and the Creative Campus goes from strength to strength. The beautiful Renaissance-style garden is blossoming and has now won several design awards.
This year, building work is underway to see even more changes on campus. The new Health Sciences Building at Hope Park opened in January 2016 and includes state-of-the-art labs, a 25m running track, and double-height robotics and engineering room for drone testing. This building is also a recently built Our Place student social zone, the refurbishment to our library, and a new cafe and lounge at the Creative Campus.
All of these changes serve to enhance the idea of Collegium and community at Liverpool Hope – something that has been at the heart of the University since its beginnings back in 1844. Almost 170 years ago, our first founding colleges, The Church of England's Warrington Training College (1844) and the Sisters of Notre Dame's Our Lady's Training College (1856), were established to provide teacher education for women. A century later, Christ's College was built opposite S. Katharine is where Hope Park is today, admitting its first students in 1964.
By 1980, the colleges had joined to form an ecumenical federation – the Liverpool Institute of Higher Education (LIHE). The late Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard wrote of this as "a sign of hope" (Better Together). LIHE later became a single, unified College and was given the new name of Liverpool Hope to represent the college's mission. Liverpool Hope University was born in July 2005, when the Privy Council bestowed the right to use the University title. The Privy Council granted research Degree Awarding Powers in 2009.
With a history extending 168 years, Liverpool Hope has developed a strong tradition of scholarship and research in critical disciplines. As the only ecumenical university foundation in Europe, the University's work has been shaped by Christian principles but embraces all faiths and none. The excellent academic record of our students is supported by pastoral care. As one of Britain's smaller universities, Liverpool Hope values the individual - in the words of Cardinal Newman, knowing her children one by one. Care, concern, and support for students are always a priority. Liverpool Hope has two main teaching campuses. Hope Park is situated in a leafy suburb of Liverpool and is a mini educational village. The Creative Campus in Liverpool city center is the home to our creative and performing arts subjects. Both campuses have seen significant investment over the last five years, so traditional architecture sits beside contemporary buildings and facilities. The University places great emphasis on bringing together of research excellence and top-quality teaching. This is facilitated by a community of academics and scholars who are of the highest caliber. This research-informed teaching enables our students to develop into rounded and employable graduates who can confidently take their place as global citizens in the 21st century.
At Liverpool Hope University, we offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees, both as single and combined honors. Such a variety means you can choose a suitable degree for you and the career you want to pursue. Our excellent academic record and supportive environment are complemented by the beautiful settings of our campuses, making Liverpool Hope an extraordinary place to study.
We place a great emphasis on bringing together research excellence and top quality teaching. Our research-led teaching aims to ensure that you develop into a rounded and employable graduate to take your place in society and make a difference in whatever career path you choose.
We offer two types of degrees: Single Honours and Combined Honours. All of our degrees, including UCAS codes and entry requirements, can be found in the Undergraduate Courses section of our website. If you choose to study a Single Honours degree, you choose to study one primary subject area. Single Honours degrees are the right choice if you have a particular subject area you want to study in more depth. If you choose to study a Combined Honours degree, you are choosing to study two subject areas equally. Combined Honours degrees are the right choice if you are interested in more than one subject area.
At Liverpool Hope University, our degrees follow an integrated curriculum. This means that instead of setting modules and module options in your second and third years, the curriculum is set across all three years, with a small element of choice. It means less of a fragmented study of each subject area, each year developing your knowledge of the subject as a whole, providing you with a more rounded knowledge base in your chosen degree.

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