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  • Chaminade College Preparatory


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    Chaminade College Preparatory

    Founding year: 1952
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Robert S. Webb (President)
    Number of staff: 0

    Founded in 1952, this year, our school celebrates 65 years of educating students in the Catholic, Marianist tradition. As part of this tradition, as we do each year, Chaminade will focus on one of the five Characteristics of Marianist Education. During the 2017-2018 school year, we will emphasize service, justice, and peace. We are also excited to join the Marianist Province of the United States in celebrating the Marianist bicentennial.

    On May 26, 2017, 318 members of the Class of 2017 joined the ranks of Eagle alumni – a group that is closing in on 11,000 members! The future is bright for the Class of 2017. They are headed to universities and colleges across the nation, including Notre Dame, Boston College, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, UC Berkeley, USC, and UCLA.

    Last year our middle and high school mock trial teams made history when they won both the Junior and Senior Division Los Angeles County Championships. We also sent our middle school choir, the C-Notes, to Carnegie Hall for the fourth time. It was an excellent year to be an Eagle, and we look forward to seeing all our students accomplished in 2017-2018.

    Inspired by our founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade (Society of Mary – Marianists), Chaminade College Preparatory is proud to celebrate its Catholic Marianist tradition with students, parents, alumni, and Marianist Educators. As a mission-centered community, we pride ourselves in living out the charism and values of what makes our school distinctively Catholic. In partnership with our families, we use guiding principles from our vision and mission statements, Characteristics of Marianist Education, and core values to inspire our students to live, learn, and lead together.

    We inspire young people to live, learn, and lead through our Catholic and Marianist traditions of living faith, academic excellence, and moral responsibility. The faculty is guided by the threefold purpose of Catholic education as outlined in to teach as JESUS DID: "To strive to teach doctrine, to do so within the experience of Christian community and to prepare individuals for effective witness and service to others." Our goals in this area are:

    • To foster a climate where a student's faith may grow and be developed.
    • To develop in students a sense and spirit of prayer, thereby deepening their relationship with God.
    • To help students become aware of their responsibility to help and serve others in their community and the broader community.
    • To encourage the faculty to be role models for the students in expressing Christian values.
    • To enable students to make value choices that are influenced by Christian principles.
    • To provide students with a place to express their spiritual needs and concerns.
    • To develop in students an understanding of the importance of self-discipline and good citizenship.
    • To instill in students a love for Mary and an understanding and appreciation of the Marianist traditions.

    As a Marianist school, Chaminade receives its mandate to "go and teach all nations" in imitation of Jesus, Who is the expression of God's continuing love of His people. Like Father Chaminade, the founder of the Society of Mary (the Marianists), Chaminade seeks inspiration from Mary, the mother of Jesus, who embodies all the Gospel's attitudes. Like Father Chaminade, Chaminade College Preparatory has committed itself to assist Mary in the mission of encouraging people to become more like her son, Jesus. Chaminade continues to seek to revitalize Christian values in society and considers youth's education as its primary means of formation in these values and faith.

    Chaminade promotes Christian values through its academic program geared to the college-bound student. Through its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities program, Chaminade affords students the opportunity for involvement in the school's life and offers them the freedom to develop their leadership skills and cultivate their sense of responsibility.

    Chaminade's athletic program seeks to develop the physical skills and talents of students who choose to participate in that aspect of school life. Chaminade's program allows students to develop an awareness and openness to people of various cultural backgrounds and an appreciation and awareness of Christian values.

    As a Catholic school, Chaminade strives to make its students sensitive to and responsive to the call of the Church for peace, justice, freedom, and progress for all peoples. Students who are sensitive to the religious dimension of life realize that God's will is found in work and the human relationships of each day. Then, the educational process is a human experience with a religious dimension and is a genuine Christian journey toward perfection.

    As a Catholic, Marianist Educational Institution, Chaminade College Preparatory shares in the universal Church's mission and cooperates with the local Church as represented by the Archbishop, who is shepherd and teacher of the diocese. Chaminade exercises its Marianist charisma of leading others to Jesus through Mary through its educational program based in a family/community setting. It is in this context that we follow Mary's invitation to "do whatever He tells you."

    Middle School Campus Address: 19800 Devonshire Street, CA Postal Code: 91311 Phone: +1 818 3638127






    Address: Chaminade College Preparatory, 7500 Chaminade Ave, West Hills,, California, 91304, United States

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