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  • Blue Ridge School


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    Blue Ridge School

    Founding year: 1909
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Boys
    Leadership: Mr. William Darrin (Headmaster)
    Number of staff: 0

    Blue Ridge School is a boarding school for boys, with grades nine through twelve. We are a private school that serves young men who respond well to small classes, a structured environment, and a strong community sense. Our faculty challenges each boy to reach beyond his current performance level and expectation to discover his potential. We develop character by nurturing qualities such as integrity, courage, perseverance, and empathy.

    The average class size is eight, and the average student load per teacher is 40. This allows teachers to give personalized attention and to individualize their teaching materials for each student. Blue Ridge School understands that boys learn differently than girls, and the School uses a Learning Model explicitly designed for boys.

    Social activities, the arts, clubs, community service, and athletics are valuable vehicles for young men's development. Blue Ridge School offers some co-curricular programs that build self-esteem and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

    Blue Ridge School has been built upon the values of integrity, civility, and a strong work ethic. Our CODE OF CONDUCT is unique in that it is written for both our students and the adult members of our community. Additionally, our code incorporates the concept of Brother's Keeper – promoting a peer culture of responsibility and obligation to each other.

    Blue Ridge School's campus is located twenty miles from Charlottesville, Virginia, and only about 2 hours from Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia. Our campus, which comprises nearly 750 acres, lies at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Every day, Blue Ridge School works with young men to hone their strengths, realize their potential, and move confidently into the future. As a school, we expect no less of ourselves. We specifically focus on helping boys reach their potential through personalized, structured, innovative learning practices in a college-preparatory, all-boarding community. The Blue Ridge School faculty believe that:

    • A structured, systematic approach to learning, which emphasizes study skills, time management skills, and organization skills, and provides time and resources for help and improvement, will motivate young men to try to achieve and prepare for the challenges of adulthood.
    • An all-male, all-boarding environment facilitates bonding and focuses on learning and developing leadership skills with minimal distractions.
    • A regular program for worship and reflection promotes spiritual and moral awareness and growth.
    • The educational program should be student-centered that students should be active participants in the learning and assessment process that students are responsible for their learning.
    • Our faculty and staff's most critical role is to serve as advisors or surrogate parents for the boys. The advisor-student relationship sets the tone for participation in, appreciation of, and buy-in to the total Blue Ridge experience.
    • Our Code of Conduct is the linchpin and ethical compass upon which Blue Ridge stands.
    • Residence Life is the centerpiece around which every other aspect of the Blue Ridge experience revolves. The human dimension and quality of life surrounding each boy's personal space determine how disposed he is to learning and wanting to be a member of our community. Communal life provides fertile ground for learning responsible decision making, organizing time, developing empathy and acceptance of differences, and becoming team players.
    • A comprehensive co-curricular program is an essential part of the learning and growth experience. Sports, the arts, clubs, service learning, outdoor programs, and social activities are valuable vehicles for developing the unique array of gifts and interests that are part of every young man. Such programs build self-esteem and foster an appreciation for and development of skills in leadership and teamwork.

    At Blue Ridge School, we encourage each boy to discover his potential and grow into a well-rounded young man. Our atmosphere of support and camaraderie, along with our comprehensive offering of programs, allows boys to try new things both in and out of the classroom.

    We understand that preparing our boys for college is the ultimate goal of Blue Ridge School. Our College Counseling Program prepares boys for college and helps guide them through the application process with as much or as little support as they require.

    A diverse student population is essential to the Blue Ridge School experience. For our international students, the English Language Learners Program (ELL) is instrumental in helping each boy assimilate into American culture and hone their English skills in preparation for attending an American college or university.

    An all-boys school wouldn't be complete without a robust Athletics Program. With over 20 athletic teams, a boy may try sports; he has never had a chance to try in another school environment. And most importantly, perhaps, it is another opportunity to develop their leadership and teamwork skills for life.

    Together, all of these unique yet complementary programs facilitate learning and exploration. The success and self-discovery young men can achieve through involvement in these various programs is what makes a Blue Ridge School education an invaluable asset for a lifetime.







    Address: Blue Ridge School, 273 Mayo Dr, St George,, Virginia, 22935, United States

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