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  • Sholem Aleichem College


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    Sholem Aleichem College

    Founding year: 1947
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 250
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Helen Greenberg (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Sholem Aleichem College is a Jewish Preschool and Primary school located in Melbourne, Australia, that aims to foster a love of Jewish culture, history, traditions, and festivities in a secular educational setting. At the heart of the College is the study of Yiddish language and culture, Hebrew, Jewish history, traditions and customs, and literature, together with a rich and diverse general curriculum that focuses on the arts, health, physical education, and literacy and numeracy. Our purpose is to cultivate a passionate sense of Jewish identity in our students, a sense of belonging to the worldwide Jewish community with special ties to the Australian Jewish community and the State of Israel.
    Sholem Aleichem College aims to achieve excellence in learning and teaching by providing a secure educational environment and encouraging a harmonious working relationship involving the student, teacher, and parent. The College aims to build a sense of belonging for its students by promoting cooperation, mutual respect, and the ideas of freedom, peace, and social justice.
    Sholem Aleichem College fosters awareness of Jewish life, emphasizing the promotion of Yiddish language and literature, Hebrew and Jewish culture "veltkhe Yiddishkeit"- a secular approach to Jewish history, traditions and customs, ethics and values. Our purpose is to cultivate a passionate sense of Jewish identity and a sense of belonging to the worldwide Jewish people with special ties to the Australian Jewish community and the State of Israel.
    The school aims to develop in our children based on lifelong learning: excellence in numeracy, literacy, oracy, and social adaptability. We do this by providing a wide range of educational experiences that acknowledge individual differences in a caring coeducational environment. Our goal is to help each student realize their potential, building confidence, motivation, and self-discipline. We foster well-rounded development by actively involving our children in an exceptional music education program and providing outstanding development opportunities through the performing and creative arts, sciences, and sport. The school also provides a trilingual language program – English, Yiddish, and Hebrew.
    The school aims to provide the best possible educational environment, which enables excellence in learning and teaching. We support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to an elected government, the rule of law, and equal rights before the law.
    Sholem Aleichem College creates a secure learning environment by encouraging a harmonious working relationship involving children, teachers, and parents. We build a sense of belonging and cooperation by promoting mutual respect, in line with our belief in the ideals of freedom of religion, speech and association, peace, openness, tolerance, and social justice.
    At Sholem Aleichem College, we recognize each child as an individual with unique abilities to be nurtured, talents to be discovered, and needs to be met. We believe in the whole person's education so that our children can be knowledgeable and creative, socially, spiritually, and ethically aware, and contributing and fulfilled members of the local, Jewish and global community.
    We provide a challenging education in a caring and safe environment where children can develop their self-worth and sense of responsibility. We support and enrich our community's diverse abilities and talents by providing a comprehensive academic and co-curricular program. We work together as a team. Healthy interpersonal relationships between staff, children, and parents create a supportive and encouraging community. We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience success and to develop a love of learning.
    We provide an inclusive Jewish education incorporating the teaching of Yiddish and Hebrew language and culture. Our trilingual immersion program inspires our children to discover the joys of learning about the world around them. We foster a love of Jewish culture, history, traditions, and festivals in a secular educational setting. We promote the teaching and learning of values for a lifetime.
    In support of our school motto, "Values for a lifetime," all students participate in a Values Education Program. This program does not only occur in class but is meshed into all facets of our school life. This program's values assist students with developing positive self-esteem and establish a base for citizenship in future years. The program aims to teach and internalize our ten core school values.
    We nurture a passionate, personal sense of Jewish identity. THE PAST – We instill a personal connection with our history, heritage, and traditions. THE PRESENT – We foster a proud sense of identification with all Jewish people as an extension of ourselves and our families.THE FUTURE – We develop a sincere commitment to building the future of the Jewish people. We are responsible for leaving the world a better place than the one we inherited in terms of social justice, the environment, and interpersonal relations. This includes acts of loving-kindness, giving charity, and showing compassion for others.
    We demand of ourselves respect for others, tolerance of differences, and forgiveness of failings. We encourage others to show the same tolerance for us. We are a community that encourages the joys of lifelong learning in a fun and supportive environment. We value putting learning into action.
    We expect we will never be satisfied with less than our best and that by word and deed, we will support and encourage all to strive to achieve their best. We value responsibility, leadership, standing up for what we believe in, and being accountable for our behavior.
    We nurture the capacity to cope with everyday problems by being assertive rather than aggressive and cultivate the ability to "bounce back" after experiencing hurt, difficulty, disappointment, or significant change. We develop the skills to work harmoniously with others to give and receive ideas to understand that together we can make a difference to nurture a sense of joint achievement and work for the common good.
    We champion all people's right to expect to live in happiness and security with freedom, justice, equality of rights, and a fair go for all. We value the celebration of the festivals of our achievements and the achievements of others. In all our actions, we consider the short and long-term impact on others. We value honesty and integrity, the ability and willingness to recognize one's mistakes to speak the truth, be trustworthy of others' privacy, and respect the property of others.

    Address: Sholem Aleichem College, 11 Sinclair Street Elsternwick, Victoria, VIC 3185, Australia

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