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  • Citipointe Christian College


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    Citipointe Christian College

    Founding year: 1978
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 1499
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Pastor Ron Woolley (Headmaster)
    Number of staff: 0

    At Citipointe, we are called to excellence in education. It is God who calls us to excellence: in the way we live and learn and in our service to Him and others. In our quest for excellence, we integrate faith and learning holistically to empower students with the values and foundations that will allow them to flourish and serve God and the wider community.

    Proper education is worth far beyond exam results in developing the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical potential of each student. Our students should feel valued and connected as they take opportunities to lead and follow, ponder and wonder, succeed, and overcome disappointment.

    Our students share the lush and leafy Citipointe campus with Citipointe Church, Citipointe Childcare, and Christian Heritage College (higher education): a wonderful space to engage their minds, reflect and play while growing to be confident, caring, and connected. The Citipointe Christian College educational journey. Our integrated pathways program:

    • seeks to develop thinking and to learn for life
    • focuses on skilling and networking students with the broader community at home and abroad, and
    • points students towards their Kingdom's responsibility as Christians in their chosen vocation.

    This leads to our concept of Christian leadership, "exercising influence for the Kingdom of God."

    Citipointe Christian College has seven stepping stones forming the pathways experience for our students. The first three make up our primary years and the next four our secondary years. Our International College offers the highest quality English language preparation courses accredited in Australia.

    Citipointe Christian College is a leading Christian school of the first choice, seeking to provide an exceptional learning environment to prepare students for their future. The College is one of Queensland's most extensive independent schools, with a *student population of 850 in Primary and 780 Secondary totaling 1680 (with International College). Citipointe Christian College International (CCCI) offers Secondary School Preparation Programs (ELICOS) for international students requiring English language studies. For more information regarding CCCI, please see the International page on our website.

    Our mission is

    • To develop the student as a Christian disciple
    • To develop the student for life in its various dimensions,

    Within the framework of a Biblical worldview and by a commitment to service, quality, innovation. Our vision is for Citipointe to be a truly great Christian school, encouraging its students to achieve their personal best, contribute to the common good, and human flourishing. Our focus is to nurture a Christian educational community: people of faith, learning, integrity, and influence.

    The College was founded in 1978 to offer a Christian education with Biblical values derived from the teaching of Jesus Christ. As eminent Korean historian, Dr. Won Sul Lee (late Honorary Patron of our International College) has observed, by far, the highest proportion of Nobel Prize winners have come from countries whose essential values derive from the Bible. Citipointe Christian College stands on the heritage of millennia of thinking about those Christian values.

    Our College is committed to high-quality education. It is our highest hope that our students will take into their adult and working lives the kind of values and work attitudes that will allow them to serve with distinction both Christ and the nation.

    At Citipointe Christian College, we encourage all students, regardless of ability, to apply themselves academically. Extension programs in crucial subject areas are available for gifted students. We endeavor to monitor student progress carefully – and report on it to parents. Students prepared to make the most of their parents and the College provide for them can realize their academic potential here. We publish student performance in state and international competitions and assessments annually.

    We provide for our students the best campus facilities we can afford. In return, we ask that students identify themselves by their uniform and positive behavior as proud students of Citipointe Christian College – their College. We want our students to implement the College motto "I press towards the goal" in all aspects of College life.

    Pastoral care is the heart of Christian education, which also sees an individual within the community's context. Jesus taught us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our code of behavior asks our students to respect God, respect themselves, and respect others and their property. Our concern is pastoral care, not just behavior management.






    Address: Citipointe Christian College, 322 Wecker Rd Carindale, Queensland, QLD 4152, Australia

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