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  • Carmel Adventist College


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    Carmel Adventist College

    Founding year: 1907
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 170
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mrs. Janine Taylor (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    We believe that Carmel Adventist College Primary is a happy school with great spirit and a sense that anything and everything is possible. Our core aspirations are that during their time with us:

    • every student will develop a deep love for learning that will stay with them for their entire life, and
    • each student will recognize their God-given gifts, talents, and natural abilities and will use and develop them to their full potential.

    Tucked in amongst the trees in the beautiful Bickley Valley, the natural environment surrounding the school enriches the lives of those who study, work, and play in its beauty and tranquillity.

    Our students, their parents, and our experienced and dedicated staff team are our most precious assets. Carmel Primary is committed to providing the best teaching and learning environment possible so that all students can be happy, safe, and learn to their full potential. Dedicated to professional growth through ongoing professional development, our staff has high expectations of themselves and work collaboratively in teams to develop sound curriculum programs.

    We encourage the involvement of our parents in school activities. We seek to foster the relationships between students, parents, and teachers. We desire to share the enormous responsibility of growing your son or daughter with you.

    Honour, respect, and obedience are integral to Carmel’s culture and are embedded in all aspects of school life. Children are taught that our behavior and personal attitudes impact everyone they come in contact with. The way students listen, speak and treat each other, their parents, and those in authority are enormously significant in character development consistent with God’s word.

    Technology is a critical element of our teaching and learning programs. We recognize that our students can benefit from using technology as a powerful learning tool in a changing world of communication and technology. Teachers use information technology to enhance learning and cater to the varying ways that students learn.

    We hope that your child leaves Carmel Adventist College Primary with more than just quality academic experience. We want them to ‘taste’ a range of activities and develop a range of skills that will prepare them for high school pursuits.

    OUR VISION is Carmel Adventist College is a school centered on God—preparing lives for service. OUR MISSION

    1. To model Christian values
    2. To present the good news of salvation in Jesus
    3. To promote a safe, secure environment where lives are nurtured, valued, and cared for
    4. To inspire a love for learning, a passion for life, and a desire to achieve


    Address: Carmel Adventist College, 18 First Avenue Bickley , Western Australia, WA 6076, Australia

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