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  • Austin Cove Baptist College


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    Austin Cove Baptist College

    Founding year: FindME
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    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Secondary Principal: Orlando Santos
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    Based on the model that has been so effectively developed in all Baptist Colleges, Austin Cove Baptist College seeks three foundational aims. At Austin Cove Baptist College, we strive for excellence in education. We believe that all students need to develop, produce, and express themselves to the level of their potential regardless of varying interests and abilities. We will provide the framework, opportunities, and motivation for students to reach the peaks of their success and experience the joy that comes with being the best that they can be.
    Austin Cove Baptist College aims to offer a safe, caring, and respectful environment that provides students with an opportunity to learn free from distractions and intimidation. Austin Cove Baptist College seeks to present excellence in education within a Christian context by providing opportunities for the school community to become aware of God and grow in a Christian environment.
    At Austin Cove Baptist College, we believe that all students have great potential, which needs to be developed in a positive environment with an emphasis on encouragement, safety, and respect. We believe that students need to be continuously encouraged to seek new vision, set new goals, and look to a positive future to dream big dreams and be encouraged never to give up. We believe that students need to be able to see themselves positively, address the challenges ahead, and be persistent in the pursuit of their goals, even when times get tough.
    The core values surrounding the main principles of Austin Cove Baptist College are Courage, Persistence, Respect, Courage has to do with our relationship with ourselves and our internal abilities, especially when times get tough. We need the courage to build character amid disappointment, failure, and fear, as courage is not the absence of failure but rather the conquest of it. Persistence has to do with the continuance of action until the successful desired result is achieved. It is a matter of not giving up. Respect has to do with our relationship with each other. No matter the situation, each student, teacher, parent, and community member needs to operate and be treated with respect.
    Or Primary College students, there is a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy to prepare them to take advantage of the great opportunities that lie ahead.
    One of the foundational aims of Austin Cove Baptist College is an emphasis on a high standard of education in a safe, caring, and positive environment. Opportunities are provided for the students to learn cooperatively, develop respect for others, and become independent learners.
    Teaching at the College takes place within a supportive, safe learning environment where the teachers are committed to delivering a challenging curriculum. Various approaches are incorporated to engage and motivate students to achieve personal success. In the Primary School, we focus on a wide range of subject matter and opportunities to ensure each student can develop a breadth of knowledge and skills.
    The curriculum is relevant and aimed at developing student awareness of local, national, and international issues. As a school, we aim to develop and stimulate student inquiry to develop life-long learning skills. We actively build upon and extend work that has already been foundational to students in their earlier educational years, and therefore our curriculum demonstrates progression and continuity.
    This year we have specialist teachers in Digital Technology (ICT), Music, French, Physical Education, Library Skills, Christian Education, and Art. Computer Information and Communication Technologies are also used across the curriculum at all year levels. In Kindergarten, we are engaged in using the Early Years Learning Framework. This is a national framework to ensure quality educational programs. The five key goals are building a strong identity, connecting with their world, a strong sense of well-being, confidence in learning, and effective communication.
    We work through play, building relationships with specialists, home and school, monitor progress, and grow and develop together. Our emphasis is on social skill building and confidence to begin the literacy and numeracy journey with a strong foundation to progress successfully.
    In Junior Primary, we build on the foundations established by the Kindergarten. The emphasis is placed on students starting to use their writing and reading to develop literacy. Staff is committed to supporting students on their learning journey. In the junior years, students become aware of things beyond their own experiences and take an interest in the community, developing friendships and caring for those around them. Our program focuses on Literacy and Numeracy while integrating Science, History, Geography, Health and Art, and Technology. Specialist teachers teach Library, Sport, and Health.
    In Middle Primary, students move to a more independent level of language that allows for the development of research skills and the exploration of literacy of a higher content level. Students are allowed to develop a deeper understanding of specific topics and explore their interests. Digital Technology is integrated into their learning journey, and the core subjects are explicitly taught. Specialist teachers teach Library, Sport, Music, Applied Christian Education, LOTE, Digital Technology, and Art.
    Secondary school is an exciting step for students. There are new challenges and new rewards. Students undergo personal growth as they develop intellectually and are exposed to academic, sporting, and personal achievement. Students will begin to make decisions and choices regarding their education and the direction that they wish to undertake in the future.
    Austin Cove Baptist College aims to equip students for their future life, study, and work. With that in mind, the College aims to provide a curriculum that is innovative, challenging, and comprehensive. The choice of subjects and activities within the curriculum recognizes that all students have varied skills and abilities and a wide variety of interests and ambitions for their future.
    Year 7 is the first year of Secondary School and, as such, provides an introduction to the routine and rigor of senior school. There is a balance between the Core Subjects of English, Maths, Science, SOSE, and the specialist elective subjects that students cycle through term by term. Students also study a Language Other Than English (LOTE), Physical Education, Health, Computing, and Applied Christian Education (ACE). Support is given to every student to feel at ease of developing new personal organization and time management skills, and new study habits.
    Students continue to study a set curriculum of core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and SOSE), Physical Education, Health, and ACE during Years 8 to 10. There is a variety of specialist electives to extend student interest and learning. These electives range from Creative Writing to Physical Recreation Business to Drama Materials to Physical Theatre (acrobatics) and Information technology to Visual Art.
    In Year 10, students will be involved in various career guidance activities as well as Work Experience. Both of these aspects of the Year 10 program assist students in their choice of subjects for Year 11 and provide a basis for personal growth and maturity.
    The College has put together a wide choice of subjects for Year 11 and 12. The subjects allow students to choose from a University pathway, TAFE, traineeships, or employment. Courses include varied subjects such as Chemistry, Media, Modern History, Food Science and Technology, and the Vocational Education and Training courses of Sport and Recreation, Business, and Furniture Design.






    Address: Austin Cove Baptist College, Lot 1100 California Crescent South Yunderup, Western Australia, WA 6208, Australia

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