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    At A.B. Paterson College, we firmly believe that it is the quality of the human relationships within a school that defines its character, its feel, and the essential teaching and learning relationships that are formed. Schools of substance are often defined by the quality of relationships between students, parents, and staff. At A.B. Paterson College, we value these essential partnerships in the education of every child. Students take educational risks, dare to challenge themselves, and aim to succeed when they feel supported in a caring and nurturing environment with dedicated and highly experienced teachers. This is of the utmost importance at A.B. Paterson College, as we continue our tradition of being one of Australia’s leading Colleges.
    While proud of the reliable academic record that A.B. Paterson College has always maintained, we aim to develop young men and women of character. The College strives to achieve this by challenging students to develop the intellectual character necessary to become passionate about the ongoing pursuit of learning to have the skills and confidence to succeed in an increasingly complex world and to become committed to creating positive futures for the good of all, through leadership and active participation in their communities.
    The College caters for students with a diverse range of talents, interests, needs and academic abilities, through its rigorous and comprehensive academic program, diverse co-curricular activities, and secure pastoral care system. Our College boasts leading educators, committed to ongoing professional development, and highly dedicated non-teaching staff committed to the achievement of the College’s Mission.
    To challenge the individual to achieve, and to act with purpose and character. Central to the very heart and core of A.B. Paterson College is developing young men and women of character – leaders now and for the future. Our Mission underpins all that we do at A.B. Paterson College. Whether it be in our challenging and dynamic academic program, the sporting arena, or within the Arts, our students develop the intellectual character to become passionate about the ongoing pursuit of learning they develop the skills and confidence to succeed in an increasingly complex world and become committed to a positive future for the good of all, through leadership development, service and active participation in their communities.
    The College’s Core Values are underpinned by the most exceptional values evident within Australian society and are supported by the Australian Government’s National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools (2005).
    Our Values give meaning and purpose to our lives, define how we engage with each other, and guide us as we strive to achieve our Mission. We Value encourage and develop a lifelong passion for learning, leading to genuine understanding. We strive for excellence in all we do. We encourage ongoing care and advocacy for all people of the World. We promote creativity in thought and innovation. We take responsibility for our actions and have the courage and conviction to guide others. We act with courage, conviction, and the highest moral standards. We contribute enthusiastically, responsibly, and with pastoral concern to our community, engendering respect and trust within all people. We appreciate and value the cultural and individual differences in the people of the World, and treat all with dignity.
    The Vision of A.B. Paterson College had its birth in 1990 over a shared meal with four close friends, as they pondered the education of their children, that of their future grandchildren, and the future for young families on the Gold Coast for years to come. They saw a need for a school of substance, a school that celebrated our Australian heritage, a school with traditional values, and yet one with a progressive mindset to education within a caring and supportive environment. From this humble meal and initial discussion, the Vision of A.B. Paterson College was born.
    The Founding Chairman of the College, Mr. Alan Rickard, then Alderman Rickard, and his Foundation Board members, David Kerr, Kelvin Hutchinson, Brian Stafford, Noel Boucher, and Eric Filmer developed the plans for the College. They sought approval from the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government to build the College on its current site. Neil Russell, Vince Thackeray, and Kathy Sullivan M.P. were later co-opted onto the Board to add their expertise to the team and widen the range of qualifications held by Board Members.

    A.B. Paterson College
    Founding year: 1991
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Brian Grimes (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0
    Type: School







    Address: A.B. Paterson College, 10 A B Paterson Dr, Australian Capital Territory, QLD 4214, Australia

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