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King's College London is dedicated to advancing knowledge, learning, and understanding in the service of a global society. Through strong partnerships and research and teaching excellence, King's is recognized as a thought-leader on interdisciplinary themes of global significance. King provides an internationalized curriculum and student experience, which creates global citizens connected to international networks and employable anywhere in the world. King's International Strategy to 2020 sets out the university's vision for taking advantage of the overwhelmingly positive impact thinking globally has on our students, our staff, our research, and the world at large. King's International Strategy has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the university's more comprehensive strategy and ethos and is underpinned by five strategic priorities:

  • Attract the best international minds to King's
  • Provide an internationalized curriculum and student experience
  • Invest in strategic partnerships with world-class institutions
  • Raise King's profile as a thought-leader in areas of global significance
  • Create an ethical and enabling environment for King's international activities

Research is core to King's, what we do, what we care about, and how we educate. We channel our creativity to further knowledge and understanding, challenge convention and deliver impact. Our vision is to deliver research to inform and innovate. By providing the best environment, support, and networks for our community, from postgraduate research students to senior academics, we will deliver research excellence. The university's Sustainability Champions are working on campus and in our residences to make King's a more sustainable working environment reducing its social and environmental impacts. The program has proven to be crucial in helping the Sustainability Team embed sustainability and efficiency throughout the university. It also brings together King's staff and students from different campuses, departments, and faculties, empowering them to make positive changes within and beyond their work environments. King's is committed to delivering at the highest level to enable excellent research. We have focused our efforts around five pillars:

  • Retaining, developing and recruiting world-class talent
  • Providing the best environment and systems to deliver world-leading research
  • Broadening the research base while increasing quality
  • Increasing impact and expanding research partnerships
  • Delivering research-enhanced education

Created by colleagues, students, alumni, and friends, our vision shapes our combined ambitions in all areas of university life – many of which we are already on the way to achieving – and takes us to our 200th anniversary. The Strategic Vision is the long-term narrative that guides all activities at King's. It is enduring, ambitious, and inspiring and sets the tone for what we do and how we do it. Our vision is to make the world a better place. Since our foundation in 1829, our students and staff have dedicated themselves to the service of society. Our Strategic Vision, launched in January 2017, takes us to our 200th anniversary in 2029 and builds upon our history of making a full contribution to society. We will continue to focus on world-leading education, research, and service and will have an increasingly proactive role in a more interconnected, complex world. We will continue to expand the vast contribution King's makes to London and through that a national contribution within the UK, and beyond that to an international community that serves the world.

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