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INTO University Partnerships is an independent organization focused on expanding higher education opportunities for students worldwide. The key to our Mission is to help universities create a vibrant and globally diverse campus environment for teaching and learning and extend the global reach and impact of the university's research and engagement.
We believe in the power of education to change lives. We also believe that universities can achieve ambitious goals when supported by private sector resources. INTO serves as the critical bridge between students seeking higher education opportunities and universities who seek to internationalize their teaching, research, and engagement around the world. Through the power of partnerships, we can achieve ambitious goals that neither party could ever accomplish alone. Our Mission Through innovative partnerships with leading universities, we expand opportunities for higher education, ensuring success, and transforming the lives of our students and staff.
Prospective international students lack sufficient information about and access leading universities in English-speaking countries, especially those prepared to serve them well and help them realize their educational aspirations. Likewise, most universities lack the resources to reach these students across more than 190 countries around the world and serve the unique needs of a substantial influx of international students to fully integrate them into the university's academic and social life.
INTO University Partnerships helps its network of partner universities to Extend their reach across every region of the world. Create new or more effective administrative and academic support services for international students. Add new faculty lines in high demand academic programs. Build physical capacity in classrooms, offices, and residence halls to support significant enrollment growth. Develop new programs to integrate international students more effectively into the academic community and Leverage the presence of higher numbers of international students for the benefit of domestic students, the community, the region, and the world.
A pioneer in international student preparation for study in English-speaking universities, INTO University Partnerships' innovative joint venture model emerged from a collaboration in 2005 between then-Vice Chancellor Sir David Eastwood of the University of East Anglia and INTO's co-founder Andrew Colin. Sir David's ambitious plans for internationalization depended on first developing a globally diverse student body. However, he recognized that a significant increase in international students exceeded the university's ability to accomplish alone. He was unwilling to outsource such a critical university goal, deeply rooted in academic programs, to a commercial entity over which the university had no direct control.
Ultimately, Sir David and Andrew Colin set about designing a partnership in which the university could access private sector investment while retaining critical control over its brand and its academic programs. The result was the world's first public-private partnership in higher education predicated on a joint venture model of shared Mission, shared investment, shared risk, shared governance, and shared reward.
INTO people are exceptional, multicultural, international, and talented, with many decades of higher education and private sector experience. More than 1,800 INTO colleagues communicate in 20 or more languages, sharing a common purpose to build the world's most exceptional higher education public-private partnering organization.
Key to our diversity is the convergence of executives and advisors from leading academic and private sector organizations worldwide. In short, we are our public-private partnership. Those organizations include the University of Exeter, Yale University, University of Birmingham, Columbia University, University of East Anglia, University of Kansas, California State University system, University of Sheffield, the British Council, AT&T, MGM Studios, The Washington Post, Gartner Group, Pfizer, KPMG, Allen & Overy, and Hogan Lovells.

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