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Highbury College


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We run a fantastic range of study programs from our four campuses in and around Portsmouth, with fabulous facilities, expert staff, an extensive support network, and excellent transport links.
With over 50 years of experience, we boast a long and proud tradition of academic and professional programs, together with close industry links to ensure that the ever-changing needs of employers in the area are met.
In 2016 we introduced Applied Generals, which combine academics with more practical-based learning, so students have the right skill-sets to stand them in good stead for entering the job market.
Learning for life, work and global citizenship leadership, accountability and trust innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship teamwork championing equality and diversity celebrating success high expectations and sustainability matters.
All our classrooms are equipped with the latest interactive screens, computers and audiovisual equipment. A simple control system allows teachers full control over the entire system.
Through our well-resourced libraries, students have access to an extensive range of the latest PCs, high-speed internet, and software applications. We also actively encourage students and staff to bring their own devices onto the College campus to utilize our high-speed eduroam wireless network, which is available across all sites.
A commitment to sustainability has been at the heart of our redevelopment - this is demonstrated by the building of a new 'green' campus, the introduction of significant sustainable technology, college-wide recycling, and waste management, and an ambitious travel plan.
The new Campus was 'Highly Commended' at the Hampshire Sustainable Business Awards in May 2010. The judges described it as 'inspirational,' demonstrating the College's "strong commitment to renewable energies."

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