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Welcome to Toccoa Falls College! Our school is a private, nonprofit, Christian liberal arts institution located in the foothills of beautiful northeast Georgia. Established in 1907 by founder R. A. Forrest, our school’s mission is to “cultivate a uniquely Christian learning community that integrates the pursuit of truth with godly character to produce graduates prepared both personally and professionally for service.” The College works with many evangelical Christian groups and is an affiliated college of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination.
An essential part of grooming future leaders is to provide the best in the academic curriculum to prepare students for the future. Toccoa Falls College has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1983. A variety of undergraduate degree programs and certificate programs are offered through the College’s four schools, the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Christian Ministries, the School of Professional Studies, and our new Fetterman School of Nursing, which opens Fall 2017. Our total enrollment figure is just over 1,200 (all undergraduates), including residential and online. Our small 14:1 ratio facilitates an open door policy and excellent one-on-one advising from faculty to students.
Our beautiful campus sits on 1,100-acres in the rural foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where students and visitors to the campus can enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountain scenery while enjoying the many outdoor activities the area provides such as rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, hiking, camping and more. Recently ranked among the “Top 50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges & Universities” in the US, the campus is home to the historic “Toccoa Falls” waterfall. At 186 feet, the waterfall is taller than Niagra Falls, and the tallest falls east of the Mississippi River.
Surrounded by dense woods, the campus itself features several facilities built in a modern architectural style, including the Grace Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Toccoa Falls College will be known as a premier Christian college that uniquely integrates biblical truth, academic excellence, and intentional spiritual formation within a caring Christian community.
The mission of Toccoa Falls College is to cultivate a uniquely Christian learning community that integrates the pursuit of truth with godly character to produce graduates prepared both personally and professionally for service.
At Toccoa Falls College, education is an adventure that extends far beyond the classroom. Here you will find a community of excellence with a heart of service. The quality academic choices we offer will help you better understand your purpose in life, which you can explore in an environment of support that will encourage your mind and spirit and allow you to apply newly acquired skills.
Whether you are fresh out of high school, coming back after raising a family or looking for a way to boost your career, we are here to help. TFC is an adventure that will change your life forever. Better still, you will share that experience with a community of students, faculty, and staff that have the same goal in mind…your success. The Office of Admissions is here to help you through every stage from answering your initial inquiry questions to finalizing your enrollment. We accept students at every stage of life and learning. For more information, please select the category in the menu that best fits you.
Toccoa Falls College is committed to academic excellence, and its faculty will push students to think differently and creatively. Students are prepared for their industry through primary texts, networked faculty, and vocational experience.
TFC currently offers 34 majors and 41 minors. While some students enter college with a clear vocational direction, others utilize our diverse offerings to understand their academic and vocational interests better.
Student Activities include almost 100 events each school year, including concerts, movie nights, art expos, and campus favorites such as Spy Games, Sadie Hawkins Dance, and more. Each organization hosts a minimum of 2 events per semester, while Residence Life hosts at least eight events per semester. Add in SGA, Chapel, Alumni, Admission, Intramural, and Athletic events, and you will never have a dull moment. Past events include open-mike nights, rock climbing, skydiving, dances, game nights, painting, capture the flag, dodgeball, and sports trips, to name a few. We want to connect you to your friends, your campus, and your community.
Getting involved at Toccoa Falls College is comfortable and provides an abundance of opportunities for students to learn more about themselves and connect with others. Whether in one of our many student organizations, athletics, residence life, academic affairs, or the Toccoa community, there truly is something for everyone.
Career Services serves students and alumni with their vocational and career learning. We assist current students and alumni in choosing a major that aligns with the desired career, assessment inventories to target career strengths, and skill development such as mock interviews and resume critiques. Several opportunities each year provide for access to job fairs on and off-campus.
Our approach is to begin talking about building career readiness from the first year a student enters TFC and progressing through to graduation. Career Services strives to offer all the tools needed for student and alumni success.

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