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The world of higher education is on the verge of many new challenges. When we saw the need to stay ahead of them, we made a revolutionary move. By integrating Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University to create one visionary institution, we set a new standard for higher education and the world.

We now provide a comprehensive professional education, with preeminence in architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion, health, liberal arts, medicine, science and textiles, creating an incredibly valuable impact for our students, faculty and society. We improve lives and provide students with exceptional value in 21st century professional education.

We are reimagining health, education and discovery to create unparalleled value. We are a comprehensive university with preeminence in transdisciplinary, experiential professional education, research and discovery, delivering exceptional value for the 21st century students with excellence in architecture, business, design, fashion, engineering, health, medicine, science and textiles - infused with the liberal arts.

Our unparalleled academic programs, spanning all degree levels, are designed to meet the needs of the modern professional world. Among a vibrant community of scholars, you will gain knowledge, training and professional experience that sets you apart from your peers and prepares you for success and impact at every step.

96% of our undergraduate students and more than 65% of our graduate students receive financial assistance. The Office of Student Financial Aid helps students secure federal, state, institutional and private funding.

Jefferson University sets a high priority on the exchange of ideas, research, education and care with members of the international community. We welcome people from all over the world to work, study and engage in research at Jefferson, as well as encourage Jeffersonians to do the same abroad.

Develop your leadership potential as part of an engaging, interactive learning community where ideas thrive and creativity is fostered. Our focus on collaboration, connection and relevant skills means you’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s careers, today.

As an innovative leader in education, Jefferson is giving back to students who have helped support and build our online programs by reducing tuition. Delivering a quality, affordable education is a priority and we hope this will make your experience even better.

We have built a dynamic university model on a world-class reputation of excellence. With collaborative learning and discovery, rooted in real-world engagement and the liberal arts, we offer a perfect balance between academic rigor and exciting student experiences. Whatever your interests may be, Jefferson is full of opportunities to take those interests further.

Our city is our classroom. With our Center City and East Falls campuses located in the heart of Philadelphia—one of the world’s fastest growing cities—and our Willow Grove, Bucks County, Delaware County and New Jersey campuses located around the region, access and opportunity are at your fingertips. At our campus locations you can find information on student affairs, housing, events and other student services.

From city to suburb, library to laboratory, classes to clubs, Jefferson has a cultural breadth embraced by our entire community. Here, you’ll discover a balanced lifestyle of hands-on leadership experiences, service opportunities and extracurricular pursuits. Explore life in vibrant Center City, or see what it’s like at the idyllic East Falls Campus.

Unifying two renowned legacies of innovation, education, research and professional excellence, Jefferson (Philadelphia University +Thomas Jefferson University) has more than three combined centuries of history. Driven by this newly united and robust past, Jefferson delivers unique and high-impact professional education to our students in the areas of architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion, health, medicine, science, textiles and more.

Thomas Jefferson University was founded in 1824 as Jefferson Medical College, and Philadelphia University was founded in 1884 as the Philadelphia Textile School. Both were ahead of their time and focused on the importance of experiential learning. The new Jefferson was established on July 1, 2017 as a result of the merger of these two renowned universities.

Today, we are a professional university that defies convention and dedicates itself to collaborative, transdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to learning that offer a vibrant and expandable platform for education. Through this unique model, we are preparing our students for current and yet-to-be-imagined careers – setting tomorrow’s standards by breaking today’s.

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