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University Of Ballarat


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Federation University Australia (FedUni) is one of the nation's leading regional universities. With a reputation for relevance and excellence, FedUni has a strong tradition of education and training delivery spanning more than 145 years. We were the nation's first regional, multi-sector university and are the third oldest site of higher learning in Australia.
We offer access to vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher research degrees. With campuses in Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland, and the Wimmera, our programs are also delivered online and via a range of partner institutes across Australia and worldwide. A new campus in Brisbane, Queensland, provides further opportunities for international students and student mobility. FedUni has also established a student support center based in Malaysia.
We have around 20,000 international and domestic students. We are committed to serving regional Victorian communities yet have a broad national and international outlook. We offer the best of both worlds combining a strong tradition of tertiary education with the freedom and dynamism that comes with being a multi-sector university with close links to local industry and technology.
Federation University Australia (FedUni) is a modern, progressive university providing high-quality vocational and higher education across a national and international campus network. The university has a distinguished history as the University of Ballarat, one of Australia's oldest higher education institutions. It became Federation University Australia in January 2014 upon amalgamation with Monash University's Gippsland Campus.
Our campuses span Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland, and the Wimmera in Victoria. A new campus in Brisbane, Queensland, provides further opportunities for international students and student mobility. FedUni equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and aptitude for further study, the world of work, and influential global citizens. We have an outstanding record for teacher quality and graduate employment, with a five-star rating from the Australian Good Universities Guide for Student Support, Social Equity, and Skills Development. Flexible study options make accessing our courses more convenient for those who wish to combine work and study commitments.
Our university is committed to providing study opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. Our graduates are well prepared to make a difference to the communities they choose to live and work in. Many become distinguished alumni of the university in recognition of their leadership and impact.
Research activity at Federation University Australia focuses on national and international importance issues, with local relevance and impact. Sports Science research is among the world's best, with a Shanghai Rankings in the 101 to 150 bracket for 2017 and a top one hundred ranking for academic subjects in hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism disciplines.

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