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CSU Study Centre Brisbane


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Charles Sturt University (CSU) is one of Australia's leading universities in one of the world's most incredible countries. We are passionate about what we do and aim to ensure all our students excel in their studies and enjoy life at our study centers. Charles Sturt was a British explorer who led the first expeditions to inland Australia. We want you to explore your untapped potential and discover new possibilities.

At CSU Study Centres, we pride ourselves on providing hands-on, practical courses that prepare graduates for a range of exciting employment opportunities. With a CSU degree, you will have the skills and knowledge to succeed in your professional career and the confidence to tackle any challenges.

CSU Study Centres are located in the heart of Australia's most exciting cities – Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. You can look forward to great weather, stunning scenery, a vibrant culture, fabulous food, and welcoming locals.

CSU has a well-earned reputation for providing an excellent education program, delivered by dedicated professionals with relevant industry experience. Our lecturers are regularly consulted regarding the latest research, methods, and practices in their discipline.

CSU has a graduate employment rate of 84%*, which is 18% higher than the national average. Our graduates are also higher earners, with an average starting salary of AUD$60,000 compared to the national average of AUD$52,800. Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offer a perfect balance of theory and practice to prepare you for the real world. Working closely with relevant industries, we offer study opportunities that help students develop real-life, employable skills. We also offer a 12-week internship after graduation* so that you can add practical work experience to your resume, a central selling point on job applications.

Thanks to our unique 12 subject postgraduate degrees, you only need to complete three subjects per semester. This gives you a lighter workload, allowing time for extracurricular activities, and making your degree more affordable. You are still eligible to apply for the Post Study Working Visa when you graduate. If you don't meet the English entry requirement for your place at CSU Study Centres, you can still get onto your dream degree course through an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. Embassy English provides a comprehensive English pathway program into CSU Study Centres and is conveniently located on-site at our centers. in Melbourne and Sydney. Transitioning to university could not be simpler.

Our small classes enable more individual attention, which encourages tremendous academic success. It also means our teachers know their students by name so that you will not feel like a number in a large university but part of a warm and supportive family.

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