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Founded in 1984, EPITA is a renowned bilingual Graduate School of Computer Engineering situated in Paris. It is a member of the IONIS Education Group, the leading private higher education group, with some 20 schools and educational institutions. Thanks to its unique pedagogical approach, EPITA trains its students to become outstanding engineers. They boast a solid base of scientific knowledge and the most advanced skills in the digital sector. A computer engineer trained at EPITA has a complete professional profile: as computer technology is omnipresent in all areas of a company, a digital engineer may work in human resources, marketing, communication, and even finance. EPITA is ranked among the five top computer engineering schools in France and has developed partnerships with many companies.
Born in 1984, EPITA (from the French Ecole pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées: School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques) has been steadily gaining a reputation of excellence among multinational companies, which often recruit our students before the end of their studies. At EPITA, computing and information technologies are considered fundamental subjects and are always placed in the context of students' future managerial roles and within the perspective of their position of responsibility. Scientific studies complement this training to broaden and complete the scientific culture vital to the future engineer.
Allowing students to work in optimal conditions is EPITA's first concern. Faculty, administrative staff, technical resources, and research facilities are all directed towards the success of EPITA students who are the best-recognized professionals in their field of expertise. EPITA provides opportunities to be intimately involved in cutting-edge research with an intellectually diverse faculty capable of not only individual academic excellence, but that can also create and apply knowledge as part of an interdisciplinary research team.
As one of France's leading science and engineering schools, EPITA is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful personal growth and professional achievement in the future.
Born with the expansion of new technologies, EPITA has kept pace with its evolution. Though very technical at the beginning, the courses have opened up a great deal even as the technical complexity has increased. EPITA took the opposite approach of the one adopted by most other engineering schools: whereas the latter allowed computer science in to try to give it a place, EPITA brought in the other sciences to join information technology and yet without losing any of its main competencies that constitute its strength and identity.
In permanent contact with the business world, EPITA shares its values: pragmatism, responsible risk-taking, and innovative spirit. The core values of studies are action, responsibility, and efficiency. Joining EPITA will give you an educational experience where progress is a "must" and success a "requirement."
Built around the real needs of the business world, the EPITA curriculum is designed to meet its expectations. From the Improvement Committee and the Scientific Committee, where senior business executives and high-level managers provide their input for improving the school's programs and research focus (IBM, Microsoft, France Télécom, Cisco, Syntec...) to the classes themselves often taught by recognized professionals working in the industry, business is present at all levels of the school. Being so involved in the teaching content and process, companies logically offer among the highest salaries upon graduation and year after year; they ranked the school among the very best (Rankings published by the leading French business and IT magazines: Entreprendre, 01 Informatique, 01 DSI, Réseaux et Telecoms...). Lastly, every year, companies donate over one million euros contracting special projects to the school's applied research laboratory, and one million euros to the Junior Enterprise program.
Time and again, businesses state that what they most appreciate about EPITA is the school's spirit, always marked by its closeness to reality: numerous projects, high-level internships, and close involvement within the business world. EPITA alumni apply their professional specialties in areas as varied as software and hardware solutions design, consulting, research and development, network management. In short, their skills shine in all aspects of computer engineering. They become amongst other fulfilling jobs: research engineers, project or studies managers, technical directors, consultants, business managers, operations managers, or network architects.
At EPITA, we seek the very best students, students dedicated to meeting the challenges we offer, students who have a taste for concrete achievement, a spirit of initiative, and various centers of interest. Thirty-five student clubs can attest to this. Some have existed for years, while others may last only a semester. It is a question of feeling and flexibility. EPITA is also what you make of it.
EPITA is a member of the IONIS Education Group, the largest group of private institutions of higher education in France. Bringing 19 schools together under the same banner, the IONIS Group has nearly 19,000 students in France and reaches 200,000 students worldwide. Several facilities and technical resources are shared to increase the means available to each school. We believe that together we are stronger.

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