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ECAM Rennes - Louis de Broglie


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ECAM Rennes - Louis de Broglie, founded in 1991, is a private higher education engineering school. The school trains generalist engineers either through their general education program (full-time students) since 1992 or part-time through its engineering apprentice program since 2006 (two weeks of school then 2 weeks work in a company) through a partnership with the Institute of Engineering Techniques based in Brittany.

ECAM Rennes School of Engineering is fully accredited by the French Department of Education as well as the Federation of Engineering Schools Executives (FESIC). In 2012, our school became a member of the Center for European University Research in Brittany.

ECAM Rennes makes a special offer to teach humanistic values and aims to develop their student's sense of responsability, their ability to work as part of a team, as well as respect for others. As a student at ECAM Rennes, you will learn how to draw upon your knowledge to contribute to the success of your company and you will learn how you can make a contribution to the community/society you live in.

Before entering higher education, a student has to get through three educational cycles: kindergarten, for 3-to-5-year-old children (optional) primary school, for 6-to-10-year-old children (mandatory) secondary school, divided into junior high schools (11 to 15 years old) and senior high schools (16 to 18 years old) (mandatory). The completion of this education is satisfied by a series of exams leading to a diploma (Baccalauréat or A-levels), ideally obtained at the age of 18 (if no classes were repeated).

Welcoming international students and professors is a priority for ECAM Rennes. You will be prepared to work in multilingual and multicultural environments to be able to adapt yourself and get ahead all over the world. Our school has built numerous partnerships with universities around the world and has compulsory internships in foreign companies.

Located in the heart of Brittany, Rennes is a regional capital and a centre of excellence in a land in which traditions and innovation meet.

Rennes is known for its efforts in developing new technologies, particularly in the area of telecommunications, and has acquired a reputation as a region where research and innovation are the driving forces behind its regional policies.

Rennes is the 10th largest city in France and it has the 6th largest student population.

With 70,000 students in higher education, it is a cosmopolitan, friendly city with an strong cultural life. Rennes is a major university centre and a city where life is enjoyable.

Located in the heart of Brittany, Rennes is 45 minutes from the coast (Saint-Malo, Mont Saint Michel) and only 2 hours from Paris.

Situated 10 minutes from the city center and easily accessible by public transport, the Ker Lann campus was created in 1990 in the Rennes Metropolitan area. The technology campus is home to higher educational institutions, training organizations and businesses. The aim of having a joint business and educational park is to encourage contact and partnerships between academia and business.

The Ker Lann Campus offers a high quality environment with pedagogical, cultural and sports equipment, as welle as the possibility of accommodation and on-site catering.

ECAM Rennes has been located at the heart of this campus since 1992 which is just outside of Rennes, a former medieval city which has evolved over time into a modern city none for its quality of education as well as its culture.

The Student Union (bureau des élèves) co-ordinates all the student associations. It oversees the running of a number of clubs: photography, sport, music, skiing, theatre, humanitarian, sailing and arts. It manages the school cafeteria and organizes the "new student orientation day", the annual ski trip as well as cultural events.

Associations play an important part of life at ECAM Rennes. They are dynamic and provide rich experience, creating genuine ties between our students and teaching staff.

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