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Created in 1900 in response to industrialists' demand, ECAM Lyon train generations of responsible and creative engineers who use their scientific expertise to serve a sustainable and ethical future.
For over a century, ECAM Lyon has continued to adapt to companies' needs and the expectations of young people and their families. A pioneer in its field, its notable innovations are establishing one of the first Engineering Apprenticeship programs, the first factory-school dedicated to Lean Management (INEXO: Institute of Operational Excellence) and the first five-year Engineering Programme in English in France (ECAM Engineering).
ECAM Lyon is based on Lasallian traditions that put the students at the heart of the educational methodology and acquire scientific skills. Students are encouraged to reflect, learn to get to know themselves, and excel; they learn to become aware of the impact of their actions and decisions. The school's pedagogical approach is loyal to the humanist values on which it is founded and is based on accompanying the students, on the principles of work and merit, on encouraging curiosity and on respect and solidarity.
Loyal to the humanist values on which it is founded, the school's pedagogical approach is based on accompanying the student, on work and merit, encouraging curiosity, respect, and solidarity.
Thanks to the unusually reasonably sized year groups and teaching methods that favor small group tuition, ECAM Lyon can provide the best possible support for each student in the building and success of their personal and professional project. ECAM Lyon, therefore, offers assistance such as academic support and French lessons for international students. Support is also provided through the traditional mentor program where each student can benefit from the advice and guidance of an ECAM graduate. Learn more about Student Support.
Participation of business leaders on the campus, internships, technical services… ECAM Lyon's privileged contacts with the business community mean it is in an excellent position to detect new developments. Alongside its industrial partners, from small business to major groups, ECAM is continually seeking innovative solutions it explores emerging technology and imagines the world of tomorrow.
To encourage student mobility and develop the international outlook of its programs, ECAM Lyon works with an extensive network of partners, including other universities and institutes of technology worldwide. ECAM Lyon is a member of the international network of LaSalle universities – 1500 institutions in 82 countries.
At the heart of the 2nd largest student city in France, the ECAM Lyon campus is lively, open, energizing, and just the right size. The 20-acre park is laid out with student residence halls and amenities, places to socialize, a sports hall, a library, classroom, and laboratory buildings and technological hubs: a place for living and working that favors each student's success and fulfillment.
Lyon is a European crossroads with excellent access to international destinations between the Mediterranean sea and ski resorts of the Alps. Lyon is one of Europe's most innovative and attractive cities (awarded '2016 Europe's Leading City Break Destinations'. France is the 3rd most attractive country for international students. Among the 150,00 students in Lyon, 12% are international students.
ECAM Lyon is a French top graduate school of engineering founded on merit, scientific rigor, and human values. For over 110 years, its history has reflected the quality of its teaching. ECAM Lyon engineering programs bring together scientific & technical training, project management, business knowledge, linguistic abilities, international perspectives, and a human dimension. This non-profit school was founded on a robust set of ethical and human values and committed to training young engineers to shape the world of tomorrow.
For 115 years now, ECAM Lyon has ensured that the school's founding of Lasallian values is passed on to its students: the values of paying attention to others, respect, solidarity, and commitment. This educational approach, based on the ethics of work and merit, has proven its worth.
ECAM Lyon values work and merit, and expects each student engineer to strive to learn all they need to obtain their ECAM Engineering Diploma. In order to achieve this, the school encourages humility, curiosity, and solidarity. If the school is demanding of its students, the reverse is also true: the teaching staff and the school managers are there to listen to and guide them. Through their openness and experience, they can construct personalized programs with and for the students to lead to the success and fulfillment of their educational program.
The ECAM International Engineering program is based on the pragmatic and innovative teaching of fundamental scientific principles. This is thanks in particular to the contributions from our well-respected partner universities: the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) – a leader in the domain of design and Staffordshire University (UK), a longstanding partner of ECAM Lyon.
Innovation has always played an essential part in the school's programs: aware of the needs of the students and the expectations of companies, the school leaders ensure that the equipment available is of high quality and at the cutting edge of technology. They also ensure that the teaching methods develop so that they continue to increase ineffectiveness. The school values are also to be found in the Human and Social skills training. Personal and federative activities for social or humanitarian causes are encouraged: they push the students to invest and excel for others' benefit.

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