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University of Michigan, Dearborn

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The University of Michigan-Dearborn is an inclusive, student-focused institution. We are committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, scholarship and access, affordability, and metropolitan impact.
Founded on more than 200 beautiful acres of the original Henry Ford Estate, UM-Dearborn was forged in a community of working people with the global economy in mind.
We offer a transformative education reflective of the University of Michigan acclaim and rooted in an ongoing commitment to transform metropolitan Detroit. Since our inception, we have set ourselves apart in higher education through intentional, meaningful engagement with local industry, government, and nonprofits. UM-Dearborn is rich in opportunities for independent and collaborative research, integrated learning, and civic engagement. We are responsive to our diverse student body's changing needs, the world in which they live and work, ever-advancing technologies, and a knowledge-based global economy.
In service to creating positive change in southeast Michigan, our vision is to earn national recognition as a dynamic metropolitan university where teaching and research interact, in an inclusive environment, to develop future leaders and new knowledge.
UM-Dearborn embodies much of the diversity of metropolitan Detroit. The campus has been devoted to creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness that allows every community member to feel welcome and at home. Student organizations have embraced this mission of inclusiveness, and UM-Dearborn demonstrates a superior inter-group understanding and learning through national student surveys of engagement.
Study biochemistry and, one day, cure the incurable. Or focus on digital marketing to make your mark in the business world. Whatever your career goals, we will help you achieve them.
Choose from bachelor's degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, health and human services, business, and education. Broaden your study by pursuing a double major or minor. Sharpen your skills in a co-op or internship. Or apply for our competitive honors program, which offers even smaller classes, strong ties to faculty, and project-based learning with other creative committed students. Your education is yours to tailor. At UM-Dearborn, we give you the tools to succeed.
The University of Michigan-Dearborn is home to four distinct colleges offering more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. At UM-Dearborn, you will learn from talented faculty. Our bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional degree programs are designed and led by highly qualified and engaged faculty. Classes are small—undergraduate lectures average 24 students, and the student/faculty ratio is 15:1—so whatever your course of study, you will get plenty of personal attention and support.
Experience the power of a Michigan degree, with flexible, affordable options. Join a professional network of nearly 600,000 Michigan graduates. Gain invaluable experience and expertise in high-earning potential fields, from psychology to automotive systems engineering, business analytics to educational technology. Whether you are a full-time professional or an international student, if you are exploring new career paths or interested in moving up at your organization, we have the program that's right for you. UM-Dearborn offers more than 50 graduate programs, many with evening and online options to accommodate your professional and personal obligations.
Our classes are small, so that you will work closely with professors. Our faculty will connect you to cutting-edge research opportunities and help you navigate Michigan's local and global networks of professionals, many of whom want to hire from our pool of experienced graduates.
Experiential learning defines UM-Dearborn education. We collaborate with companies, agencies, and nonprofits near and far to provide students with more than 700 co-op and internship opportunities. Accelerate your learning and develop practical skills in your field of study. Co-op education and internships allow our students to network with industry professionals while building their resumes. We will connect you to professional growth opportunities and real-world learning at leading companies like Ford Motor Co., Ernst & Young, and DTE Energy.
Every year, our Career Services office helps students and alumni find full- and part-time positions within our partner organizations. Whether you aspire to be a mechanical engineer, financial adviser, or biologist, we have the local, national, and global connections to give you the experience and skills to succeed, wherever life takes you.
The skills you learn at UM-Dearborn through study, research, campus involvement, and hands-on experiences will give your future momentum to reach your goals. Take control of your career while earning the power and prestige of a Michigan degree.
Over 1,900 graduate students are enrolled in master's, specialist, and doctoral degree programs at UM-Dearborn. Our committed, engaged professors offer exciting opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research. Many of our courses are offered in the evening and online, so as a graduate student, you can earn your degree while meeting the demands of your professional and personal obligations.
By enrolling in one of our 50 advanced degree programs, you are signing up for boundless opportunities to expand your skillset and knowledge, develop leadership qualities, and advance your career. Plus, you will join a robust network of professional and industry connections that includes over 575,000 Michigan alumni worldwide.
Nearly every student at UM-Dearborn works while managing a full courseload, family obligations, and multiple on-campus activities and organizations. We provide plenty of support and access to work and study opportunities to help students like you learn to prioritize responsibilities and succeed academically and professionally.

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