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Amberton University is a nondenominational Christian institution. All of our employees believe that Jesus of the New Testament Bible is the Son of God, the Christ, our Savior. The foundation for Amberton's ethical standards is based on the Christian principles presented in the New Testament of the Bible and is reflected in our mission statement.
Amberton University is committed to Christian values, both in business and in its educational philosophy. The University's employees endorse and strive to live the ethical values and principles taught by the New Testament of the Bible. This commitment to Christian ethics enables the University to provide its students with a stability of values and a value system.
Amberton University is a specialized institution designed to meet the specific educational needs of mature students. Amberton University combines relevant technical and cognitive training with techniques for problem-solving in developing the student's capability to identify and select solutions to economic, social, and personal problems. The academic skills and Christian values imparted by the University enable each student to appreciate better his/her worth and exercise insight into those patterns of facts and events that affect human relations and social values.
Amberton University will provide educational programs and services in those areas in which it is best qualified. When academically and financially feasible, the institution is committed to the continuous transformation of the educational process directly to the needs of the student and the community. Amberton University, in its endeavor to be a center for learning, a society in which all are students, will employ responsible experimentation and innovation. New and traditional techniques will be continuously identified, applied, and evaluated to facilitate teaching and learning.
Our programs and approaches are founded on Christian principles and designed for you, centered around your needs and lifestyle. We know you are juggling many responsibilities. After all, we are working adults too. That is why we offer most of our classes online and feature flexible, adaptable degree programs and courses.
We know you are serious about taking the next step in your education, so our Garland and Frisco campuses offer a professional atmosphere rather than the traditional college student environment. At Amberton, we limit our class sizes, ensuring that you will get the most out of each class you take.
While Amberton University is primarily designed for American, English-speaking citizens, we will gladly allow international students (non-U.S. citizens/non-permanent residents) to enroll in academic programs if, after evaluation, is determined that the University can provide for the specialized and unique needs often presented by these students.
It is our pleasure to be able to serve those that serve our country. We realize that active or former members of the U.S.Military have needs that differ from those of less experienced college students. Amberton may be able to offer credit for your military experience and training. Amberton can work with active-duty personnel and veterans desiring to utilize military service educational benefits. Additionally, there may be military benefits available to you or your family members to help you earn the college degree you deserve.
Amberton University offers many specialization programs for those individuals seeking to enhance professional skills and marketability in the workforce. Specialization programs are offered on the graduate and undergraduate level and can be earned in conjunction with degree programs or as stand-alone programs of study.
Our academic advisors are here to help you with a variety of tasks, including finding appropriate courses for your degree, explaining financial options, and assisting with enrollment.
Amberton University has created an incredibly unique library. Our resources, both print and online, are specially selected for their relevance to the courses we offer. Our qualified and friendly librarians are available onsite, by email, and by phone to help students with their research. There is also a computer lab available to students and study areas and power stations for charging/running laptops, iPads, or other devices.
For technical support, students can review the "Technical Tips" section of the discussion board for answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed, post the question to the Technical Questions topic provided, and a tech support specialist will answer your question, usually within 24 hours.
The University provides various publications designed to inform students, potential students, and interested friends of university information. Amberton University will maintain a current general information catalog that describes the academic programs, regulations, courses, standards, financial expectations, etc. for students, potential students, and the general public.
The Amberton University Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness publishes information about the University'suniversity's students' achievement. Amberton University evaluates success concerning student achievement consistent with its mission. Amberton University is a specialized institution designed to meet the mature, working adult's specific educational needs. Evaluation criteria include those items appropriate for the adult learner and consistent with the mission of the University, including course completion rates, graduation rates, state licensing examinations, surveys of recent graduates, and longitudinal surveys of graduates. The university measures to what extent the University's courses and programs meet the adult student's personal goals and needs.

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