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Alverno College prepares women for lives of personal and professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world. Alverno extends this mission by offering graduate and adult programs to women and men. Inspired by its Catholic, Franciscan, and liberal arts heritage, the College intentionally creates an inclusive community that engages students in active and collaborative learning and fosters academic excellence.
Our success is not measured in awards and recognitions. It is measured by changing the world, one student at a time. Every aspect of the College is focused on engaging you, the student. From our curriculum and campus life to our faculty, President's office, and Board of Trustees, our mission is to prepare you to be successful in all aspects of your life.
Our curriculum was designed by our faculty to meet our students' educational goals through philosophy and a program of education. The curriculum is ability-based and focused on student outcomes integrated into a liberal arts approach. It is rooted in the Catholic tradition and designed to foster leadership and service in the community. It is flexible to accommodate your educational goals with your diverse responsibilities. It is affordable to accommodate your economic circumstances.
Your personal and professional development requires an environment of expectations for all -- faculty, staff, and students. We have built a community of learning in which all CollegeCollege's functions support our students in meeting explicit expectations. Alverno faculty, staff, and students are committed to stating and achieving goals for the benefit of the community in which they serve.
As part of our mission, we continue to develop and foster relationships with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and professionals in various industries. These relationships help us understand and meet the needs of a changing workplace, adequately preparing you to enter a career and become a leader.
The ever-changing nature of higher education demands innovation, development, and flexibility. It is our faculty and staff's mission to be dedicated to the development of undergraduate education and to seek and be receptive to the evaluation of teaching methods and scholarly and research activities.
Student Affairs educators work with students, faculty, staff, and the community to deliver programs and services designed to enhance the student experience. Located in Founders Hall on Student Main Street (first floor), the Dean of Students (FO 119) serves as the information hub. Student Affairs prepares students personally and professionally for success at Alverno College and beyond. We encourage students and their families to take advantage of our various programs and services.
We are celebrating 130 years of educating and empowering women with our innovative curriculum, rooted in our Catholic, Franciscan, and liberal arts heritage. Through the years, we have expanded our mission by offering graduate and adult programs to women and men. In every school, in every College – indeed, at every turn – you will encounter faculty and staff entirely centered on student success. Mission drives everything here, and students remain the central focus of our mission.
Discover all that Alverno has to offer and visit our beautiful campus in Milwaukee. Picture yourself in class with capable, energetic students like yourself, inspired and mentored by top-tier faculty. Imagine yourself in a "chance of a lifetime" internship, leading a student organization, and living and learning among diverse and talented friends. Imagine yourself an Alverno graduate, leading, influencing, and shaping a right and just world.
Counseling Services promotes the mental health and well-being of students. We are committed to addressing students' mental health concerns through direct service to individuals and groups, program planning, and policy development. We provide short-term individual counseling for students. Students who need long-range treatment and more intensive services, including after-hours crisis intervention, are referred to community providers. We also provide referrals to community resources and access to a free self-help resource cabinet featuring pamphlets, articles, and other resource materials.
Living on campus is an excellent chance for students to live and learn with their peers. On-campus residents have easy access to dining facilities, classrooms, and a wide variety of campus activities. Living on campus gives students the ability to live and learn with their peers while reaching their academic goals.
Alverno College requires that all Weekday College students entering the College within one year of high school graduation, who are single with no dependents, to live on campus for their first two semesters unless the student is living with parents or a legal guardian. All on-campus students must be signed up for a Meal Plan. All first-year students are housed in Austin Hall in a double room on Meal Plan One. Austin Hall is the home of our Learning Communities, including the Community Service and Leadership, Center for Academic Excellence, and Wellness/Athletics communities. After that first year, there are many different room styles to choose from in Austin and Clare Hall and three different meal plan choices. Alverno offers suites (single with a bathroom), large singles, small singles, and doubles in Austin Hall. Suites and large singles are available in Clare Hall. Clare Hall provides a more independent living environment for its residents.

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