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Alma College offers a personalized education that allows you to create new knowledge through academic research, expand your horizons with global study initiatives, supplement your academic studies with relevant experiential learning opportunities, and indulge your artistic and athletic yearnings while completing your degree on time.

Your Alma experience will include opportunities to put the ideas and theories that you discuss in the classroom to work in real-world settings through internships, research fellowships, campus leadership, academic travel, or service to others. Moreover, you will make life-long friendships and amazing memories.

At Alma College, we will help you chart a path for your future. If you do not graduate on time following your major plan, we will pay your tuition for an additional term. You read that right — it is our commitment to you. Deciding on your education is a big deal. We are here to help you every step of the way — you will even get your own personal admissions representative.

Alma College offers a world of opportunities at your fingertips. Rigorous academics paired with ample experiential learning opportunities, extracurricular activities, and a supportive campus community mean you are well prepared for the world when you graduate. At Alma, you will benefit from:

  • Hands-on support from our faculty, staff, and alumni - We do not just say that we offer personalized education, we prove it to our students daily. You will be surrounded by a network of motivated and caring staff that will help you transition to college, succeed while you are here, and land that first job after college.
  • A world of opportunities - 97% of our students engage in experiential learning during their time at Alma. Whether your dream is an internship at a Fortune 500 company or to travel the globe, we will help you get there.
  • Access to all Alma has to offer - From the very beginning, we ensure that you have the chance to explore academic and experiential opportunities meaningfully. Our Venture program is available to all students and provides up to $2,500 to offset the cost of an out of the classroom experience - the world becomes your classroom.

An Alma College education is an investment in your future that is worth more than just a degree. Your time at Alma is unique to you - visit campus today to begin your Alma experience.

Alma College offers over 50 academic programs, including a wide selection of majors, minors, and several pre-professional courses. The Alma Commitment guarantees that you can complete a standard 136-credit major in four years or cover your tuition for an additional term in the fifth year.

With small classes and a 12-1 student to teacher ratio, Alma College provides guidance and focus that prepares students not just for a career but also for life. What you learn in the classroom truly comes to life through experiential learning, including internships, study abroad, research fellowships, and many other options. We are so committed to this concept that we promise every student up to $2,500 to support an experiential learning opportunity, funded through the Venture Grant program or other college-sponsored grant programs. What fantastic experience will you pursue? You will move on to greater things, too. Ninety percent of all Alma College graduates report working in full-time positions or attending graduate school within six months.

While some students engage in academic service-learning, which combines meaningful community service opportunities with selected courses, others participate in Alternative Breaks, Greek philanthropies, service-oriented clubs and groups, and community service work-study opportunities. Each term, the college offers academic service-learning courses that will allow you to apply your classroom to a real-life situation in the community. By applying your new knowledge through service with others, you will learn the material more quickly while reflecting on the service, and it will stay with you longer. Moreover, it is more fun.

Whether you have always been active in student organizations or have shied away from being the center of attention, you can take the lead at Alma College. Leadership is essential to your college experience. On the athletic field, in your fraternity or sorority house, in the classroom, or while on spring break—there is always an opportunity for you to take the lead. Leadership opportunities also exist in academic programs like Model UN, PRISM, Posey Global Leadership, the Integrated Health Studies Institute, Entrepreneurs in Action, and the Public Affairs Institute.

There is a student organization for just about every passion you may have. Greeks, geeks, and everything in between—with nearly 100 student organizations, your school spirit will shine in whatever you choose to do.No matter which Student Life activities you choose to get involved with, each one will help you explore new ideas and interests. From your first day on campus, you will find Alma is a friendly, welcoming place. You will quickly make friends through your classes and your extracurricular activities. However, your closest friends may become the people you live within Alma’s residence halls or other housing options.

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