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As the oldest institution of higher learning in Berks County, Albright has a long history of helping generations of students become energetic, curious, and creative leaders. Since 1856, students have discovered their talents, explored their interests, and embraced their creativity here at Albright.
Our history spans more than 150 years, and a dedicated team of leaders works hard to promote Albright's values well into the future. The symbols on the Albright College Seal represent Albright's core values, which define the very essence of who we are as an institution. Throughout our work and in our planning for the future, we will remain grounded in and committed to them.
Our mission is to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.
Albright is a residential learning community. In the division of student and campus life, we seek to support and grow each student's unique talents and abilities in and out of the classroom. We hope that in a safe, nurturing, creative, and challenging environment, students will gain the confidence and skills to make a difference in their professions, communities, and the organizations with which they become involved. At Albright, we have 70 clubs and organizations, a competitive athletics program, and many ways to become a student leader such as a peer orientation person (POP) or a resident assistant (RA).
Whether you are a traditional undergraduate student, adult learner, or aspiring graduate student, Albright has the program. Traditional students can take advantage of over 50 undergraduate programs we have to offer, ranging in everything from accounting to theatre. Adult learners can fast-track a Bachelor's degree while working full-time thanks to our Accelerated Degree Program available through the School of Professional Studies. Our master's degree program in education offers four majors to meet a variety of interests. We emphasize research-based examination of best teaching practices.
Albright College is the oldest institution of higher learning in Berks County and is located on a 118-acre suburban campus nestled at the foot of Mount Penn in Reading, Pa., a city of 80,000. The College dates its beginning to the founding of Union Seminary in 1856. The present Albright College was formed by a series of mergers with other higher learning institutions founded in the 19th century by the Evangelical Association and the United Evangelical Church. Union and Schuylkill Seminaries were not theological seminaries but were three-year collegiate institutes.
Albright Collegiate Institute was founded in 1895 and became Albright College in 1898. Union Seminary, founded in 1856 and rechartered as Central Pennsylvania College in 1887, merged with Albright College in 1902. Schuylkill Seminary, founded in 1881, became Schuylkill College in 1923 and merged with Albright College in 1929. With the merger, Albright moved from its campus in Myerstown, Pa., to Schuylkill College's location on the present Albright campus.
After whom the College is named, Jacob Albright was a Pennsylvania German evangelical preacher and the Evangelical Association (later the Evangelical United Brethren Church). He was born in 1759 as Johannes Jacob Albrecht. His family changed their name to Albright after his death in 1808. The Evangelical Association was a German-speaking denomination with beliefs similar to those of the Methodist Church. "The Life and Times of Jacob Albright" by Kenneth R.Good '47 tells the story of Jacob Albright.
The College's rigorous liberal arts curriculum has an interdisciplinary focus. Albright's hallmarks are connecting fields of learning, collaborative teaching and learning, and a flexible curriculum that allows students to create an individualized education. Fully half of Albright students have concentrations that combine two or three fields of learning.
Albright College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. In 2005, Albright formally reaffirmed its affiliation with the Church, noting the College's historical roots in the Evangelical and Methodist tradition and a robust present-day relationship with the Eastern and Central Pennsylvania Conferences and the Wyoming Conference of the Church. Jacob Albright, after whom the College is named, was a Pennsylvania German evangelical preacher. (He was born in 1759 as Johannes Jacob Albrecht. His family changed their name to Albright after his death in 1808.) "The Life and Times of Jacob Albright" by Kenneth R. Good '47 tells the story of Jacob Albright.
Greatly influenced by the Methodist Church's teaching as a young man, Jacob Albright became the founder of the Evangelical Association, later the Evangelical United Brethren Church. The beliefs of the Evangelical Association and the Methodist Church were closely related. In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church merged to become the United Methodist Church.
Today, Albright College is a multifaith community, with a full-time chaplain and associate chaplains representing many faith traditions. The Chaplain's Office and the Multi-Faith Center, at 1811 Linden Street, together provide a wide variety of programs and services.

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