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Adrian College is firmly rooted in the traditions set forth by our first president, Asa Mahan, over 150 years ago. Today, we continue to strive to embody his vision of education as accessible to men and women of all races and creeds. This foundation has evolved Adrian College into a place that fosters ingenuity, innovation, and growth.
In the United Methodist tradition, Adrian College, a liberal arts college, is committed to the pursuit of truth and dignity of all people. Through active and creative learning in a supportive community, undergraduate and graduate students are challenged to achieve excellence in their academic, personal, and professional lives and contribute to a more socially just society.
The Adrian College Campus Safety Department provides continuous 24-hour services designed to assist in areas of safety and security. It is the mission of our employees to provide professional and courteous service in order to protect the safety and security of all members of the Adrian College community, including students, faculty, and staff who seek a safe learning and living environment. We are located in the Caine Student Center and are open every day of the year.
Adrian College is fortunate to be located in a safe and friendly community; however, everyone must take precautions to protect themselves from becoming victims of crime. Crime can occur anywhere; Adrian College is no exception. We hope you will utilize the services and programs we provide to help keep Adrian College safe to learn, live, and work.
Students attending Adrian College are responsible for their health insurance coverage, as the College does not provide health insurance coverage for students. It is strongly recommended that students verify they have coverage through their parent/guardian insurance plan or purchase them directly with an insurance carrier.
Students must be seen in the Health Center to be referred for an appointment with a local physician. Students using their family insurance for coverage must be aware of their coverage in Lenawee County, Michigan. Please check with your insurance company for a list of physicians in Lenawee County who will accept your insurance. Also, remember that unless a student has access to a vehicle, physicians in neighboring towns may be inaccessible. Bixby Hospital and Herrick Memorial Hospitals are not considered providers for anything except emergency care. Students covered under the Adrian College Health and Accident Plan underwritten by Hylant, are accepted by area providers.
Adrian College is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, and women and minorities are encouraged to apply. If offered a position, finalists must furnish proof of U.S. citizenship or proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. within three days of commencing employment. We started from the ground up building programs, facilities, and academics. We mold champions and initiate drive. We are creative, innovative, demanding, and determined. We did not start from the bottom. We lead from the top. We have been heralded and acclaimed for our story, and we have received the accolades to prove it.
Adrian College is more than just four years of your life. Whether in the classroom or on the court, you will find the foundation for your inspiration and the roots of your future. Become a part of our story, and as your chapter unfolds, you will understand that it is more than just numbers here. Our extraordinary retention, graduation, and placement rates mean when people come here, they stay here. When they leave, their journey has just begun.
Founded on the philosophy of Asa Mahan, Adrian College retains its identity as a private, co-educational college of liberal arts and sciences related to the United Methodist Church. However, that does not mean that it has not developed into a recognized leader in the area of education. U.S. News & World Report selected Adrian College as a 'School to Watch' and recognized it as the "#1 Up & Coming Baccalaureate College in the Midwest" in 2009 and 2010. In 2012, Adrian College was selected as a 'Top College in the Midwest'. However, our history extends beyond the accolades. Today's campus consists of just over 100 acres, over 20 academic and service buildings, and 11 residence halls, plus apartments and themed housing. We have recognized the fast-paced, evolving face of education- while maintaining our identity.
A private, co-educational college of liberal arts and sciences related to the United Methodist Church, Adrian College is a traditional four-year residential institution offering a focused undergraduate education with an advanced 4+1 Master's program. The College offers 40 majors and pre-professional programs, 32 athletic teams, and eight institutes dedicated to a diverse and personalized approach to education. Adrian College features state-of-the-art facilities, small class sizes, and an innovative approach to its students' academic and personal growth.
In recent years, the College has experienced momentous growth garnering national recognition. U.S. News & World Report has recognized Adrian College as the '#1 Up and Coming Baccalaureate School in the Midwest,' It also ranked Adrian College as 'Regional Top Baccalaureate College in the Midwest' and a 'Least Debt Load College.' Most recently, the College received accolades as a 'Best Value School.' Adrian College is located in Southeast Michigan, about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor and Toledo.

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