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Choosing the right college for you is a huge decision – one of the biggest you will make. So it would help if you got it right. Whether you are ready to move on from school to a more adult learning environment as a stepping stone to either employment or university, or you want to come back into education to acquire the skills you need to further your career, Croydon College is here to help get you to where you want to be in life.
Over 8,000 students choose to study with us each year. We are one of the largest and most successful providers of Further (college) and Higher (university) Education courses in the South East, judged Good at all levels in all areas by external inspections by Ofsted and the Quality Assurance Agency (for Higher Education). This means more excellent choice for you: we have a wide range of qualifications at different levels and across different specialisms, for you to choose from, so there is something to suit everyone. We are flexible too: you can study full-time, part-time or in the evening. You can choose from courses that are academic, vocational, or industry- and work-based.
We offer academic and vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships, BTEC, City and Guilds, and NVQs. We are here to advise and guide you through this vibrant range of opportunities and help you make the right decision. Our teaching staff are experts in their field and have precisely the right mix of academic and industry experience to help you succeed in your chosen field. Over the years, Croydon College has built up close relationships with employers and businesses to ensure that the work-related skills our students learn, using up to date equipment reflecting best industry practice, are the ones employers require now and in the future.
The Croydon College experience extends far beyond your studies. We look at your development as a whole person, how we can help you build your confidence, ambition and aspiration for the rest of your life. Our Enrichment Programme gives you opportunities that might change your life. Our academic, welfare and employment support services are there every step of the way to cater to each student’s individual needs. Croydon College is ambitious for its community and seeks to provide outstanding education and training opportunities for all. We strive to raise aspirations and change lives of the people living, working and learning around us. Our focus is on actively working in partnership to invest, grow and shape the services within our community, supporting economic growth through delivering skills for employment and enterprise.
At Croydon College, we are always looking towards the future of our current students and how to help them achieve their aims and the future of the College as a whole for the benefit of new students and the wider community. The next few years at Croydon College will be exciting as the College continues along the path of rapid improvement towards our aim of outstanding provision for all our students. The College is also at the heart of Croydon Council’s plans to regenerate College Green into one of London’s leading cultural and educational destinations. The plans would see the construction of a brand new start-of-the-art college building, incorporating new modern facilities to keep Croydon College at the forefront of education provision. This, coupled with further exciting developments and expansion with the University of Sussex, will see the College contribute to making Croydon a thriving center of opportunity and development.
Equality is integral to everything we do. We are committed to making Croydon College a place of opportunity where everyone can belong. Croydon College welcomes and celebrates diversity. We are dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating unlawful discrimination. We are also committed to social cohesion and value the benefits that diversity brings to the College and the wider community. The College is committed to ensuring that learning and teaching are available and accessible to a broad and inclusive range of students (including prospective students).

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