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We are a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high-quality education and a focus on applied research. Our students benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines, including health, design and engineering laboratories, performing arts studios, and computing centers. We have been chosen to host three national Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which has enabled us to invest substantial sums of money in health, design, and mathematics.
Our city-center campus is continually developing and evolving, and we have plans for further investment in it over the next few years. We are a significant presence in Coventry, which contributes to the city's friendly and vibrant atmosphere and enables us to foster successful business partnerships. Our students can access project and placement opportunities that enhance their employability on graduation through our links with leading-edge businesses and organizations in the public and voluntary sectors.
Coventry University has a long tradition as a provider of education. Our roots go as far back as Coventry College of Design in 1843. In 1970, Coventry College of Art amalgamated with Lanchester College of Technology and Rugby College of Engineering Technology.
The resulting institution was Lanchester Polytechnic: 'Lanchester' after the Midlands automotive industry pioneer, Dr. Frederick Lanchester, and 'Polytechnic,' meaning 'skilled in many sciences and arts'.
In 1987 the name changed to Coventry Polytechnic, and in 1992 the University was set up under UK Government legislation, as laid out in the University's Instrument and Articles of Government. The Lanchester name has been preserved in the title of our art gallery, the Lanchester Gallery, and the Lanchester Library. The phoenix was a mythical bird with splendid plumage, reputed to live in the Arabian Desert. Fabled to be the only one of its kind, the phoenix lived for five or six centuries, after which it burned itself to death on a funeral pyre of aromatic twigs ignited by the sun and fanned by its wings. The phoenix rose from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.
Such a symbol is a fitting reminder of how Coventry's city rebuilt itself after suffering devastation during the Second World War. It is a symbol with which Coventry University is proud to be associated and to have adopted it as its own. Coventry University gained its university status in 1992. Since then, it has worked tirelessly to become a global enterprise, establishing multiple campuses and initiatives worldwide, including the Coventry University Group.
The Coventry University Group is an umbrella term for Coventry University and all of the locations owned and governed by Coventry University. All locations offer higher education qualifications, which are validated by Coventry University. This means all students graduate with a Coventry University award, wherever they choose to study. However, not all of our locations offer the same courses as the leading Coventry University offering Coventry University London. It offers bespoke programs in finance, business, fashion, and tourism, providing first-class teaching, facilities, and a London city student experience.
CU London, CU Scarborough, and CU Coventry offer more vocationally based courses, flexible learning options and no end of year exams, to provide a high-quality learning solution, while also allowing students to fit studying around their busy lifestyles. In addition to this, they also offer lower tuition fees to other comparable institutes helping to make higher education affordable.
Our Coventry campus spreads across the heart of the city center, with each building within easy walking distance. The main campus comprises over 20 main student buildings, including our three new buildings Science and Health Building, TheHub – a modern social space for the students, and the Engineering and Computing Building, which is crammed with technology. These are all managed by the University's Estates Services, along with the accommodation blocks, student houses, and Technology Park, giving a total of over 130 buildings.
The accommodation options available to students come in various shapes and sizes designed to suit any needs and circumstances. Discover your home from home by exploring the properties available through the Accommodation Choices option.
On-campus, TheHub is the center of student life: it is the place to gather, grab a coffee with friends, have a meal, see a band in the SU, or hang out. In short – it is the hub of campus life. However, there is also the University's Sports Centre just across TheHub and the Westwood Heath Sports facilities with floodlit AstroTurf and grass pitches for football, hockey, rugby, and cricket. There are nearly 100 clubs and societies for you to join – a great way to make new friends. We realize that many of you will need to take a part-time job while you are at University, so we even have our on-campus recruitment agency: the future works.
We are embarking on the next evolution of the University Group. Our strategy for 2021 will enhance our position as a leading provider of innovative education and impactful research nationally and internationally.

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