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We are the most extensive education and training provider in the region, with over 35,000 learners each year, 2,000 of whom are studying a university program. Our achievements are plentiful, and our proven track record of over 10,000 apprentices in ten years makes us the most successful provider of work-based learning in the South West. We offer you the opportunity to develop your USP (universal, specialist, and personal skills) so that you leave us equipped to develop in the career of your choice or through further study. Whatever your ambition, we are here to help you achieve your best. Many of our students achieve exceptional results. This makes our creative and expert staff incredibly proud and contributes directly to support economic growth locally and nationally.

We receive many external awards, but we are most proud of our students' recognition who tell us they feel respected and safe here, that the teaching is good, and they would recommend the College to a friend. We offer you:

  • Exciting places to learn
  • Skilled and highly qualified teachers with industry experience who are passionate and brilliant at what they do
  • Individual support to ensure you are successful
  • Work experience, enrichment, and mentoring help you develop your universal, specialist, and personal skills.

Students learn in one of our centers, each of which is a discrete community of students and staff focused on courses and qualifications within a particular specialism. These together form our College Group – diverse and exciting. We work with literally thousands of employers to ensure our courses are at industry standard and provide you with a clear line of sight. We recognize that valuing and embracing diversity is key to providing high-quality teaching and learning. The College takes pride in servicing the local communities of Cornwall. It is fully committed to promoting equality of opportunity, access, dignity, and fairness, both in the services it provides and its range of progressive employment practices. We have an extensive support system for our learners, provided by our Student Services team, who are based across our seven main campuses. For more details, please see our Supporting Your Learning section. The College aims to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, and victimization and foster good relations between all learners, staff, and broader communities. Cornwall College has a core set of explicit values that arose out of extensive consultation with College stakeholders. These are:

  • Putting the learner first
  • Value and respect for others
  • Responsiveness to others
  • High quality in all that we do
  • Responsibility – individual and team
  • Pride in what we do

The Cornwall College group was reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) as part of the Integrated Quality and Enhancement Review (IQER) process. This process is how the QAA ensures that the quality of higher education delivered in Further Education Colleges meets the standard required for its awards. Since 2012, higher education in Further Education Colleges is reviewed in the same way as all universities and providers of higher education, through the Higher Education Review (HER). At the Cornwall College Group, we aim to work with the public, Higher Education applicants, our learners, employers, staff, and other stakeholders to provide as much information as possible. This helps us:

  • Widen the understanding of Higher Education and its value to individuals, the community and the regional and national economy
  • Work with learners on higher education courses to develop their universal, specialist, and personal skills.
  • Work with all our stakeholders in networks of expertise clustered around employment sectors in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, and the south-west region.
  • Provide information advice and guidance to the public about what Higher Education entails, the opportunities we have within our Group, and the range of college sites where the study is possible.
  • Ensure our learners progress into employment or higher education, develop career opportunities, and gain the entrepreneurial thought and action to succeed beyond higher education.
  • Confirm the achievements of students on the completion of their studies.
  • Safeguard academic standards and assure and enhance academic quality


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