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Conservatoire for Dance and Drama


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The Conservatoire comprises eight specialist schools delivering world-leading education and vocational training in the performing arts. We train the performing artists and production professionals of the future: actors, circus artists, dancers, stage managers, technical theatre practitioners, choreographers, and directors. It is located at the heart of three vibrant cultural centers in London, Bristol, Leeds, and the Conservatoire schools.
Within the Conservatoire, there is a balance between the art forms of dance, drama, circus arts, and classical and contemporary styles. Internationally renowned centers of training, our schools are also creative laboratories: we bring in national and international artists to work with our students and support emerging writers, directors, and choreographers in creating and showcasing new work.
Students at our schools value the immersive experience of conservatoire training and its unparalleled access to the performing arts industries. Student satisfaction and teaching are rated consistently high in the National Student Survey. Each school has an established record of training its students to a professional standard, with excellent employment rates in dance, drama, or circus. Together, we provide a pipeline of expertly-trained performing arts professionals working in the UK’s lucrative creative industries and helping to build the UK’s international reputation.
The Conservatoire is a publicly-funded institution. This means that our UK and EU students are eligible for government loans and grants (Student Finance) and financial support provided by the Conservatoire and the individual schools. Although applications are made directly to the school, and not through UCAS, our students can obtain government financial support in the same way as students from any other university. We recruit based on talent and potential, irrespective of background, and we audition or interview every eligible applicant.
Celebrating diversity and working to achieve the creative potential in all our students is at the heart of the work of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama. We are committed to training and supporting the most talented students, regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, or religion. Applicants to the Conservatoire schools are chosen solely based on their talent and potential to develop the skills required for their chosen profession.
The Conservatoire aims to meet, and where possible exceed, its legal obligations regarding equality and diversity. To fulfill this aim, the Conservatoire has established an Equality and Diversity Group comprising Conservatoire staff and representatives from all eight schools.

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