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City University London is a special place. With skill and dedication, we have been using education, research, and enterprise to transform our students, our community, and the world for over a century. We are a leading international university and the only university in London to be committed to academic excellence and focused on business and the professions.
The City, the University of London, is a special place. With skill and dedication, we have been using education, research and enterprise to transform the lives of our students, our community, and the world for over a hundred years. We are a leading international institution, and we are committed to academic excellence and focused on business and the professions.
The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, an exercise to assess research quality at all UK higher education research institutions, rated 75.7% of City's submissions as being of world-leading 4* (23.3%) and internationally excellent 3* (52.4%) quality. Our outlook is truly global. We welcome students, academics, and professional staff from worldwide, work to international levels of research excellence, and cultivate a growing network of international research partnerships.
We are located in the heart of London, within easy reach of several central Underground stations and just a few steps from the British Library and the West End. We are minutes away from the Square Mile - London's world-famous financial district - and the headquarters of financial and professional institutions, major arts complexes and media offices, teaching hospitals, and specialist medical research centers.
Since our foundation over a century ago, we have always enjoyed deep-rooted links with the City of London. The Lord Mayor of London is the Rector of City, and many City of London livery companies are long-standing supporters of City. It is a privilege to be presenting City, University of London's Vision & Strategy 2026. We take the historic step of joining the University of London and embark on a path of quality, growth where possible, and partnership.
Ambitious – a place where people seek new challenges and go the extra mile to achieve the strategic priorities set out in Vision & Strategy 2026 through the implementation of their School or Professional Service Strategic Plan, Collaborative – a place where successes are shared, and problems are solved by working together for the common good, A Community – a place where people have pride in their institution, are respectful, knowledgeable and are concerned for each other, Diverse & inclusive – a place where diversity is a strength and inclusiveness is promoted proactively, with an initial focus on gender equality as City's most pressing challenge, Organisationally self-confident – a place that knows its strengths and is open about and strives to address its weaknesses.
We began developing this Vision & Strategy 2026 by engaging with staff, students, and stakeholders back in mid-2015. We revisited and thoroughly tested the underlying assumptions following the outcome of the EU referendum. Undoubtedly implementation of the Vision & Strategy 2026 will require even greater agility from City than it has shown over the past five years. The City's high internationalism and London location will be enormous strengths during uncertain times.
Our most significant achievements have been doubling the proportion of our academic staff undertaking world-leading or internationally excellent research and increasing our students' satisfaction more than any other university in the country while moving into financial surplus. Our vision for 2026: City, University of London: A leading global university committed to academic excellence, focused on business and the professions and located in the heart of London.
2016 is a significant milestone in City's long and proud history. It marks 50 years since we were granted a Royal Charter, and City University London came into existence, intending to 'advance knowledge, wisdom, and understanding by teaching, research, and professional training, particularly in science and technology.'
2016 is also the year that City joined the University of London, marking a significant and exciting new chapter in our history. It is a significant opportunity and a signal of how far we have come as an institution historically and in more recent years by implementing our Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016. We will retain our historical strengths, professional credibility, and deep-rooted City of London heritage. At the same time, we strengthen our international profile and expand our research and education capabilities in the ways set out in this Vision & Strategy 2026.

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