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Chelsea College of Art and Design


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Chelsea College of Arts is one of London's most prestigious art and design colleges. We offer courses in curating, fine art, graphic design communication, textile design, and interior and spatial design. Chelsea has just over 1,400 students. The college's small size and supportive atmosphere make studying here feel like part of a community. You will learn the practical, theoretical, and professional elements of your subject from our expert staff. It is a place where experimentation, ideas, and concepts are encouraged to develop. The college's Grade ll listed Pimlico site, located in central London, overlooks Tate Britain and the River Thames. It has well-equipped workshops, extensive library facilities, a canteen and an onsite gallery, Chelsea Space.

The Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Graduate School incorporate research across the three colleges. This includes the Ligatus and Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN) research centers, and the Textile Environment Design (TED) research group. The Graduate School enables staff and students to develop their research careers and create research with cultural and social value. The colleges share common research interests in critical excellent art practice, drawing, art history, and theory. Through our research degrees and taught postgraduate courses, each college maintains its' unique research identity.

  • Camberwell's particular research strengths lie in book arts, craft, design, illustration, painting, and photography
  • Chelsea's particular research strengths lie in curation, interior, and spatial design, moving image, museology, the oral history of art and design, photography, textiles, and transnational art
  • Wimbledon's particular research strengths lie in costume, experimental film, painting, performance, sculpture, and theatre

Chelsea College of Arts has a range of courses covering curating, fine art, graphic design, interior design, and textile design. Our students have inspired organizations world-wide with their ideas, solutions, and professionalism. You can work with Chelsea students in the following ways:

  • Commissions - You can commission students to create artworks or carry out design projects
  • Collaborations and student-sponsored projects - Your project could form part of a taught module or be carried out alongside students' current work


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