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Belarusian-Russian University


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The Belarusian-Russian University is a regional institution of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

We have come a long way in information and development. The University has a half-century history. It was founded as a Machine Building Institute today. It has become a major scientific and educational complex. Every year more than 1,000 young specialists graduate from the University - competent professionals with a high level of education capable of mastering innovative technologies and new equipment. Our graduates are among the most versatile and mobile professionals holding senior positions in different companies and organizations.

The University offers a variety of programs in the field of secondary, higher, postgraduate and continuing professional education. About 20 years ago, we were the first in the region to open the Continuing Education and Professional Development Institute. Today, we are the first to offer distance education in the regional market of educational services.

The University continues to work on creating scientific and industrial laboratories that provide close cooperation between higher education and production. The creation of a unified system "science - education - production" ensures the dynamics of critical components of the pedagogical system and allows adapting general theoretical and general professional training of future specialists for promising areas of innovative production.

Developing cooperation with foreign universities, our University seeks to create favorable conditions for the export of educational services and increase the number of undergraduate and graduate students from the CIS and other foreign countries. Today export of educational services has grown considerably, and the geographic origin of our undergraduates, master students, and postgraduates has widened: China, Iran, Syria, Israel, Turkmenistan, etc.

However, the University is represented, first of all, by its people, a team united by one goal. The University takes pride in its highly qualified teachers and researchers and established scientific schools. Today, recognized schools in the following areas of science and engineering operations at the University: mathematical modeling of engineering systems, control systems for motion modes of wheeled vehicles, metal and welding technologies, machine elements manufacturing technologies, mechanical transmissions of new types, as well as intelligent systems for quality control of products for machine-building production, etc. In our work, we have adopted as an axiom the idea that the success of creating an innovative economy and the knowledge society depends mostly on the integration of education, science, and industry. Today, this idea is not disputed; it is a crucial principle of educational policy in most developed countries, including the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The quality management system of the Belarusian- Russian University was developed, implemented, and certified. The Lyceum, the College, and the University were the first in the country to be certified. It resulted in continuous training of specialists: "Lyceum - College - University - Continuing Education and Professional Development Institute» following the international standard 150 9001:2008, thus improving the effectiveness of educational, methodological, scientific, pedagogical, and innovative activities in the University.

In its activities, the University tends to use the greatest achievements accumulated by higher education institutions of these two countries over many years.

Belarusian-Russian University offers foreign citizens the following educational services:

  • Studying at the preparatory department to learn Russian and to prepare for the entrance on the required courses in a technical or economic section. The studied disciplines are the Russian language, mathematics, IT, adaptation to training, Economics and Natural Sciences (for economic faculty) Physics and Chemistry (for technical faculty). The period of education is one year. The fee is $1300 per year.
  • Studying at the University's technical and economic faculties at a full-time department or a part-time department (if a foreign citizen has a previous education at the level of comprehension school – not less than ten classes). After graduation, a student gets a diploma of higher education of the state international standard. The period of education is 4-5 years (part-time department -5-6 years). The fee of the full-time department is $2200 per year, and the fee of the part-time department is $1300 per year.
  • Studying at Ma course (Master of Arts) for technical or economic faculty (for those who have a higher education at the bachelor or expert level). The period of education is from 1 to 2 years. The cost of education is $2500-2700 per year, depending on the specialty.
  • Studying a postgraduate course at a full-time department or a part-time department (for those who have a Master's degree) The period of education is three years for a full-time department and four years for a part-time department.
  • Russian language courses and individual training in Russian (any level of education). The period of education is defined individually. The cost depends on the number of students in a group (till five persons).

Belarusian-Russian University is a leading scientific and educational institution and a cultural center of the region. In its extracurricular activities, the University pursues such priorities as patriotism, ideological, moral, spiritual, and aesthetic values; besides, and it pays much attention to sports activities.

The University organizations do much work on implementing state youth policy: NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" and the Students' Trade Union Organization. The University Students' Council also carries out remarkable work.

The students of the University are involved in volunteer movement as well. The volunteer clubs "From Heart to Heart" and "The Spring of Mercy" provide support to the patients of the Psychoneurological Hospital (Soltanovka, Mogilev district), the children of Mogilev Orphanage No one and Mogilev hospice, World War II veterans, and the disabled children of the Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities.

The City Club of Intellectual Games was founded at the University more than 15 years ago. Every year, in November and March, the University becomes the capital of intellectual games. Teams from universities of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine take part in the international festivals "Winter Fox" and "March Lion".The international festival of popular songs "Students' Listopad" and the modern pop dance "Dance 100%" have already become a tradition. Every year, major cultural events among students are a festival of students' amateur art activity "Students' spring" and a contest of beauty and grace "Miss Spring".

The KVN movement (students' comedy clubs) is prevalent among students. Two festivals of KVN teams are held at the University. The University teams are participants and winners of Mogilev Regional KVN League, the Interregional KVN League "Polessye," the International Union of KVN, the Podmoskovnaya KVN League, the International Festival KiViN (Sochi).

The University has excellent sports facilities. The most popular sports are judo, sambo, polyathlon, basketball, powerlifting, arm-wrestling, weight-lifting. The University teams are winners of regional, national, and international competitions. Much attention is paid to the secondary employment and labor education of students. Every year, about 200 participants of student construction teams work at the national economy facilities. Student construction teams are winners of regional and national competitions. "Youth. Labor. Romance".

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