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The Center for Technical and Higher Education (CETYS University) is a private institution of educational excellence. It was born in 1961 in Baja, California, under the auspices of a group of visionary entrepreneurs committed to education.

Our purpose is to contribute to the development of individuals with the moral and intellectual capacity to participate in a relevant manner in the social, cultural, and economic improvement of the country and the world.

Inspired to contribute to the improvement of the country actively and committed to continue the preparation of high-level professionals, at CETYS, we abide by a grand strategy and vision call Institutional Development Plan 2020 or CETYS 2020. This plan defines the cause, purpose, and mission driving the Institution in the upcoming years, with six strategic goals that set forth the basis to face future challenges in education.

CETYS University System reaffirms its commitment to justice and equity and ratifies its zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment to end all manifestations of gender violence.

The Institution’s goal is that every member of its community embraces CETYS University’s mission, leads a life consistent with the Institution’s Values System, observes Student Regulations, and adheres to the Code of Honor Ethics. Therefore, the Institution firmly rejects any violence against its students and staff and urges them to report any incident to the corresponding authority.

CETYS University reasserts its formal complaint channels:

  • Program or Career Coordinators
  • Corresponding Faculty Office
  • Student Development Center
  • Academic Dean
  • Confidential Hotline “Tips Anónimos”

When an accusation or complaint is submitted through any official channel, various committees are activated; these respond immediately to the following guidelines while safeguarding the integrity of the complainant.

  • Orientation and assistance are offered.
  • The institutional procedure is activated by engaging faculty and senior staff.
  • Case analysis and follow up.
  • A course of action is determined, which includes corresponding sanctions.

Actions against sexual harassment require the active involvement of the entire university community. Consequently, CETYS fosters a culture of reporting. The Institution will continue to train staff, conduct information and education campaigns, and take measures to ensure a Zero-Tolerance environment towards violence and harassment, thus fostering the overall well-being of the university community.

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