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Welcome to Brooklands College, a Further Education college based on two campuses, one in leafy Weybridge and the other in Ashford, close to Heathrow Airport. We are proud to be one of Surrey'sSurrey's largest vocational training providers and further and Higher Education. Our course offering is diverse, and our teaching excels, with students traveling long distances to benefit from the Brooklands College experience. Our students'students' support is also second to none and well recognized as one of our key drivers for success.
We already have strong vocational programs for full-time students. Most recently, we have fast-tracked our apprenticeship program, with new pathways being developed to suit the needs of local and regional employers. Courses for adults include professional and Higher Education choices making it easy for people to study locally on a part-time basis, saving them both time and money.
Exciting times lie ahead for Brooklands as we plan to continue to develop the courses offered on both campuses. We have a forward-looking program focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) across all curriculum provision from Sport to Healthcare. Much of this will take place in partnership with local and national employers. We have ambitious development programs for both campuses, which will see our campus facilities improve, and the student experience widens.
Our students leave us with qualifications and skills that stand them in good stead for a place at University, a job, or further professional or vocational studies to enhance their careers.
We aim to be ''Outstanding Every Day'' in every aspect of our work. Whatever your aims, Brooklands College can help you achieve them.

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