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Al-Baath University


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Al-Baath University was established by the Legislative Decree No.44 of 14 September 1979. It was located in Homs and Hama, ranking the fourth among the Syrian universities based on the establishment date. Hama University was established under the Legislative Decree No.19 of 2014 and comprised all faculties and institutes located in Hama governorates. The university location in Homs governorate ( central Syria) is essential, as it links between the desert and coastal area. Besides, its geographical location offers valuable access to the welfare of natural resources and encourages chemical, petroleum, and textile industries. The central area is rich in landmarks and tourist destinations, so the university has to comprise all scientific, humanitarian, and medical science branches.
Al- Baath University currently has 20 faculties, a higher institute of languages, four technical institutes, and research and service centers of excellence.
Excellence in higher education and scientific research, community service, contribution to reconstruction, and university ranking improvement.
Al Baath University is a Syrian public university that prepares specialists and researchers following the needs of community development, to meet the academic, national, and world standards in a way that contributes to sustainable development.
Al Baath University seeks to continue developing and modernization of scientific research and curriculum in light of current global trends and a periodic evaluation underworld standards and local cir*****stances.
It also aims to participate in enriching human knowledge as well as national and world culture. Besides, it is working on building contemporary Arabic personality and improving theoretical and practical knowledge based on national, scientific, social, and cultural norms of the community. It promotes total quality and continuous improvement of the university education and research system.
Our beloved country, Syria, has faced a violent crisis since 2011, and it has affected human edifice and civilized and cultural structure. Besides, destruction and devastation have inflected several aspects of vital sectors, and no sector has been spared from damage and negative impact of a crisis.
Despite the questionable circumstances, the scientific and research bodies and institutions have continued performing their duties like other government institutions including Al Baath University that has proceeded with its scientific and research work and is currently preparing for reconstruction phase by carrying out different academic events and activities and by offering engineering studies and consultations.
One of the most important goals and messages of Al Baath University is the direct linkage to the community with active participation in various economic, service, social, and industrial sectors through cooperation and concerted efforts to achieve the desired purposes.
Our primary orientation in the current phase ( reconstruction and building phase) will be following the statement of President Bashar al-Assad " Our primary orientation is to raise and improve the quality of higher education, develop standards to ensure that, improve conditions for scientific research, sustain academic and technical capacity-building, and enrich the national intellectual wealth by adopting a national policy for sciences, technologies, and creativity ).

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