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University of Nova Gorica


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The University of Nova Gorica - UNG (Slovene: Univerza v Novi Gorici), is the fourth UniversityUniversity in Slovenia. The University of Nova Gorica grew out of the School of Environmental Sciences, founded in 1995 by the urban municipality of Nova Gorica and the Jožef Stefan Institute. Later two more institutions joined as the founders: the Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the municipality of Ajdovščina. In March 2006, the former Nova Gorica Polytechnic was renamed the University of Nova Gorica. Today the UniversityUniversity has seven schools and nine research institutes.
The University of Nova Gorica participates in international cooperation with similar institutions around the world. It takes special care to promote multidisciplinary research and programs designed to build partnerships between industry and academia, creating a better society at local and global levels.
UNG is a private university institution. The status enables the UniversityUniversity a flexible organization and modes of activities and a more effortless adjustment to modern society's demands.
UNG is a university with strong internal organizational links. Research and expert work are done in laboratories, centers, and institutes. The University's  University's faculties are open educational and teaching units with researchers and experts coming from diverse research departments and external institutions. In the coming years, UNG will establish a harmonious link between experts and students from diverse research and professional disciplines. At the same time, the UniversityUniversity will aim to transfer its entire activity to one place, i.e., one campus.
Also, ordinary student and staff services operate at the level of UniversityUniversity. The University's  University's operation aims to be more in line with that of a modern enterprise than a traditional academic institution.
At the UniversityUniversity, research and expert work form a basis for carrying out studying programs. The University's  University's researchers should actively aim to enter and participate in international research processes and projects.
Our researchers and teachers are expected to be highly educated scientists and experts with international experience. Candidates for full-time employment are expected to have done their postdoctoral education abroad. UNG aims to be a high quality higher education institution with a competitive advantage in an international context.
Our university teachers can only be researchers or experts with a more comprehensive, i.e., international acclaim. The teaching and learning work with students should include research and practical work as much as possible at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Hence UNG will aim to have an optimal student-teacher ratio in all its study programs and optimal research – teaching ratio. In the long-term, all disciplines are expected to achieve a 1:1 research – teaching ratio.
The UniversityUniversity will try to ensure the continued involvement of experts from the economy and industry in the educational process.
Special care will be devoted to international links as well as to student and teacher exchange programs. A choice of the language of study will be adapted to this aim, especially at the postgraduate level.
Notwithstanding its international trends, UNG will ensure to develop specific research and teaching activity, aiming to actively support the position of Slovenes on their western state border.
The University of Nova Gorica aims to be a research, internationally established university that will be recognized as a driving force of social development in the region and a broader context. With its innovative teaching approaches in both Slovene and English, the UniversityUniversity aims to develop teaching excellence at its contemporary study programs, thereby securing a high level of employability to home and international students.
The UniversityUniversity will endorse its motto Scientia vinces("with the knowledge to victory") by providing a creative environment for researchers, professors, and students, thereby enabling top achievement results in the cutting-edge fields of science, technology, and art.

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