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EMUNI University was established on 9 June 2008 in Portoroz (Slovenia) to become an international, postgraduate, higher-education and research institution, fully integrated into the Euro-Mediterranean Area. Four universities co-founded it: University of Haifa (Israel), University of Maribor (Slovenia), University of Sousse (Tunisia), and University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" (Italy). In February 2009, EMUNI University became a legal entity in the Republic of Slovenia.

EMUNI University is one of the six priorities of the Union for the Mediterranean, whose secretariat was created by the Joint Declaration of the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean.EMUNI University has several member institutions, including universities and other higher education and research institutions from many countries.

The activities of EMUNI University include postgraduate education, seminars, (international) conferences, summer schools, professional courses, professional upgrading study programs, and other activities. At the end of 2008, the International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies (IJEMS) started to be issued. In 2012, IJEMS issued within the Springer publishing company.

The activities of EMUNI University focus on the Union for the Mediterranean priority areas as well as maritime and land highways, alternative energies, culture and tourism, human rights and migration, civil protection, gender issues, water management, foreign policy, business development initiative and Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.

The EMUNI University is an international association of universities with headquarters in Slovenia. It represents one of the six projects of the Union of the Mediterranean, approved in the frame of a joint declaration, adopted in Paris on 13 July 2009. Within the mission of EMUNI University, the following goals shall be achieved:

  • Raising the quality of higher education through the implementation of the study and research programs
  • Becoming an international university, which will acknowledge cultural diversity
  • Establishing a university environment will have a stimulating effect on the integration of different nations and cultures in the academic spheres
  • Ensuring administrative, operational, and material infrastructure, which will enable the operation of the University.

The goal of EMUNI University is to create specialized study programs among Euro-Mediterranean universities. The study programs will cover themes and areas, which are significant for the Euro-Mediterranean Area. The study programs or parts of them will be implemented at the EMUNI University as well as other universities, co-founders of the EMUNI University.

One of the main activities of EMUNI University is research, which is one of the essential factors of development, success, and quality of the University. The primary mission of the University is to contribute with its activities to strengthening intercultural dialogue and to the priority goals of the Barcelona Process, which is, in the broader sense, included also in the Union for the Mediterranean.

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