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University of Mendoza


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The Universidad de Mendoza is a higher education institution of private management headed by a High Council made up by members of the faculty staff. From 1960, the UM is strongly committed to academic quality achievement, scientific research, and community service. Thus, within this academic environment, the UM opens its gates and generates a communication link for those who are interested in learning and those who wish to transfer knowledge.
Utilizing the mobility programs for international students, you can achieve a student exchange for one semester at the Universidad de Mendoza. Apart from studying at our University, this experience will allow you to increase your cultural background by getting to know our country, culture, and people.
The Universidad de Mendoza (UM) – the University of Mendoza -was founded on December 22nd, 1959, by the provincial governing body's approval of its first bylaws. Classes commenced on December 13th, 1960, with the School of Law and Social Sciences, the first one in the province. The University's definite legal constitution was achieved in August 1962. In that same, the UM was accredited as a private university by the Federal Government, being granted the corresponding legal rights and responsibilities as defined in decree N° 14,179. Subsequently, the Government of Mendoza registered the University as a non-profit organization, and the National Secretariat of Social Promotion recognized it as a public, non-profit organization.
This higher education institution is located in the heart of Mendoza city, and it is considered the oldest and largest private University in the Cuyo Region. Among its graduates, UM boasts governors, federal and provincial ministers, judges, legislators, magistrates, and outstanding professionals spread out across the country and abroad. Likewise, the UM owns a campus in San Rafael that is working since 1998 with a strong academic presence in the south of the province. The main university campuses of UM and San Rafael campus are composed of five Schools: Law and Social Sciences Architecture, Urban Planning & Design Health Sciences Engineering, and Economic Science. More than 8,000 students are attending their classrooms. More than 900 professors are part of its faculty staff.
From its inception, the UM has taken on the enormous task about the growth, development, and dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, mostly emphasizing on the comprehensive education of students, not only taking into account the strictly professional courses but also including the human aspects of the teaching, like literary or environmental workshops or sporting activities among others. All this can be verified on the bylaws and the High Council's resolutions. Moreover, UM is an institution committed to the strict application of admission procedures, academic rules, mandatory assistance, and student monitoring.
After almost 450 years of history, Mendoza is placed in the position of one of the most important cities in the Argentine Republic. It is also located in a strategic point for the social and economic development of the MERCOSUR and Chile relationship. Annually, there are more than 70,000 university students in Mendoza. The city is also known as the "land of the sun and good wine" or "Argentina's freedom birthplace", where General San Martín has brewed the ideals of Latin America freedom and the "Los Andes" army. Mendoza city is one of the chief tourist points of Latin America offering all the services a famous city can do and a great gastronomic, recreational, commercial, tourist, and cultural propositions. Join "Ciudad Universitaria Mendoza."
Mendoza makes you feel at home wherever you go. This is one of the most diverse, integral, and friendly cities of the country. Boasting more than 50 locations, Mendoza is among the best centers of congresses and exhibitions of the country. Mendoza is the host of several national festivities and celebrations, like the national grape harvest fest -Vendimia-, Cantapueblo, Mendorock, Classic Music on the wine routs, Divine Summer, Ciudad Celeste y Blanca, and Celtic Music among others.

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