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The Maimonides University was founded by the Felipe Fiorellino scientific foundation in 1990. The fundamental purpose of this University is to create a study environment in which professors, researchers, and students originate, critically analyze, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom, and values that allow improving the quality of life and human development in the global society. At the heart of its mission are the pursuit of truth, the discovery, dissemination of knowledge, and the encouragement of excellence in each one of the members of the educational community.
The Maimonides University research develops from different centers grouped under the Council of scientific research, innovation, and technological transfer and from the different university degrees from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities, social sciences, and business. University research to the creative and methodological process to acquire a better understanding of nature and society, both that oriented means to meet a specific need or solve problems as the oriented to acquire new knowledge about the fundamentals underpinning the phenomena and observable facts, as well as the led to the production of materials, devices, systems or useful methods including the design and development of prototypes and processes.
The University conceived since its inception the substantives of research, teaching, and extension in close interrelation with the support of the Administration to achieve quality training processes. The University promotes the scientific and technological activities that develop or strengthen the priority lines of action defined by the Council of scientific research, innovation, and technological transfer of the institution, with the University Superior Council's approval.
The University supports research groups in their formation and consolidation and recognition programs and agencies, national and international promotion, and funding of scientific research and technological development. The University promotes the involvement of its researchers in national and international academic networks, supports inter-agency research projects, and seeks to bring teachers and students to research, development, and technology transfer and the creation of technology-based businesses or the application of knowledge-intensive companies.
The Central Library has the necessary information for the development of research, teaching, study, and other activities at Maimonides University. Special Collections of materials form and give students the resources to meet the curriculum requirements and provides the resources to meet the chairs and scientific research requirements.
Nursing activity is one of the specialties most critical health field. Its high labor demand and growth potential offered by the emerging as one of the professions with the most significant development potential and with multiple options to guide professional practice, for example, Family and Community Nursing, Nursing Clinic, Pediatric, Neonatological, Intensive Care Surgery, homecare, etc. The full force of the Law Practice of Nursing No. 24,004 also allows developing autonomous activities, teaching, and research and service management. Law 298 of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires expands the powers, including Health Facilities Management. Maimonides University has designed a Nursing Career Bachelor level that meets the needs of professionals who demand the Public and Private Sector Health. His Curricula d, modern and deep humanistic sense training emphasizes be trained and capable nurses to solve problems having as permanent goal Integral Care of the Person, Family and Community from a holistic perspective of health, which seeks the balance bio-psycho-social-spiritual and ecological, of those who are entrusted to our care.
Future professionals graduate with a degree in Human Resources Management. The training they get enables them to work in Service Companies, Industrial Companies, Organizations Nonprofit Organizations, and Public Administration, as well as in Human Resources Consulting, and personal endeavors. Graduates of tertiary courses can continue their studies articulating with a degree in Human Resources Management from the University Maimonides. The list of tertiary careers that can articulate the degree can be easily consulted on this page by entering down to "Other Information" Graduates of these courses from any university can obtain a degree in Human Resources Management, accessing a joint plan between Carreras, studying four semesters.
Currently, the Bachelor of Marketing plays a fundamental role in organizations, and in fact, every successful company is run by managers with a reliable approach in management and marketing. To achieve this, the training we provide is based on a thorough understanding of marketing. However, without neglecting the necessary knowledge of management, Administration since without the latter, we would be working on pipe dreams and not on the reality that must be confronted.
The Bachelor in Political Science is intended to fill a need that arises from diagnoses made by specialists in the field and own academic experience. This diagnosis leads to check in the Latin American context, the absence of degree courses in distance mode to form political scientists. It aims to train professionals with solid knowledge of processes and political, social and cultural factors that have shaped the current national and international political system savvy politician compared to the analysis of Argentine and foreign institutions, as well as statistical methods and management for processing and analyzing information with the practical purpose of transforming and promote the existing reality to the desired objective by way of effective decisions and effective planning processes.

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