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Geraldton Universities Centre


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The Geraldton Universities Centre (GUC) is an independent, not-for-profit, incorporated body, supporting Geraldton's university courses on behalf of partner universities, including CQ University and the University of Southern Queensland. The higher education awards for these courses are offered and conferred by our university partners.

We are your first point of contact in the Mid West when seeking information on university studies. Our clear and unwavering objective is to facilitate, deliver, promote, and provide university education access for people residing in the Mid West. With the support of Royalties for Regions funding, Geraldton Universities Centre expanded its infrastructure and services to meet increasing student enrollment. Since 2011, an expanded range of new courses has been added, providing more opportunity for local study, and in 2014, GUC opened a stage 2 building, doubling classroom capacity.

The Geraldton Universities Centre is an incorporated, not for profit organization under the banner of the Geraldton Institute Inc. Members of the Geraldton Institute Inc include representatives from critical community, industry, and government agencies, all dedicated to the advancement of tertiary education in the Mid West region.

At the GUC, you will be treated as a "person," not a "number," and your educational achievements will be enriched by the GUC experience, personal growth, and a network of friends that will stay with you for life. You will graduate with highly respected academic qualifications from one of GUC's valued university partners. Around 300 local people are studying at GUC, enjoying these significant advantages:

  • Being tutored by industry professionals who live and work locally.
  • Small class sizes with personal attention and experience a unique lifestyle.
  • Continuing to live at home, saving money.
  • Staying close to family and friends.

At the GUC, our students come first. Our dedicated staff provides support and assistance through a range of services, including enrolment and administrative support, student amenities, IT support, library, orientation, and graduations. To provide financial assistance to our students, the Geraldton Universities Centre's Hollomby Foundation operates a scholarship program for those undertaking study at the GUC.

GUC's Aboriginal Student Support Officer (ASSO) works with the community to increase university studies' participation. The GUC ALUMNI is for all Geraldton Universities Centre graduates to come together, keep in touch, and share stories, achievements, and opportunities. The Geraldton Universities Centre is committed to supporting our community to access higher education. Therefore, we make our facilities available for study for eligible external students, including the use of wireless internet and serving as the Exam Centre for the region.

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