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VSB-Technical University of Ostrava


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VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava has a long tradition in high-quality engineering. Provides tertiary education in technical and economic sciences across a wide range of study programs and courses at the Bachelor's, Masters and Doctoral level. Ostrava is the third-largest city in the Czech Republic with a population of over 300 000 inhabitants.

Our study programs stand on a tradition that goes back over 165 years but reflects current, state of the art technologies and industry and society's needs. Education is organized within 7 Faculties and 3 All-University Study Programmes—reliable results in intellectual property protection of R&D output.

Partner universities, research institutions, and exchange opportunities on six continents. With the Code of Ethics, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, as a bearer of European culture and education, proclaims the moral values resulting from the European cultural environment and thus strives for a high standard of ethical conduct beyond the mandatory legal norms.

VŠB-TUO provides not only facilities for both its students and employees, but also offers its services to the public:

  • University Hotel Garni offers accommodation as well as catering services.
  • It is also possible to rent various sports facilities, classrooms or access individual laboratories.
  • Library offers a wide range of scientific literature.
  • We organize art exhibitions in the Gallery.
  • You may rent one of the largest and best-equipped lecture halls in Ostrava, situated in the Auditorium of VŠB-TUO.
  • Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium offer rich program related to astronomy, holds public observing sessions regularly, projects films, hosts art exhibitions in the Gallery Mira.

Research and Development are integral to the activities at VŠB-TUO. Our focus on applied research and close cooperation with industry informs the teaching activities at the University, ensuring relevance in a dynamic international scientific environment. The fact that we are one of the most successful universities in the utilization of European structural funds focused on research is not a coincidence. We are utilizing our excellent position in six areas to develop science and research for the future through the Centre of Excellence IT for Innovations, and other top centers.

The strategy of science and research is based on six poles of excellence where we excel and have the potential to excel in the future:

  • Raw materials, energy, and environmental science.
  • Computational sciences and information technologies.
  • New materials, structures, and technologies.
  • Modern engineering.
  • Safety technologies.
  • Modeling of economic and financial processes.

VŠB-TUO has six primary research areas that are spread across eight research centers, and one supportive center focused on project support Innovation Support Centre. Main activities of the Office of International Affairs

  • Recruitment of degree-seeking students.
  • Establishing and developing cooperation with universities from all around the world, e.g., the Dominican Republic, Columbia, India, Vietnam, China, and other countries, according to the University's and faculties' priorities.
  • Participation in international conferences.
  • Organizing international conferences and receptions.
  • Receiving and organizing visits from foreign universities and institutions.
  • Update and re-design of university web pages, materials for international portals, and of university promotional materials.
  • Deepening of existing partnerships with foreign universities, research centers, and institutions.
  • Contact Point – a meeting point offering help to international students and academics.

VŠB - the Technical University of Ostrava has cooperative agreements with universities and research-oriented institutions around the world. These agreements provide the framework for cooperation in student and staff mobility, as well as collaboration in matters of pedagogy, research and development, publication, and scientific meetings and symposia.

IESEC Ostrava is an international student non-profit organization with offices in 85 countries. The main emphasis is on the mediation of foreign exchange placements. AIESEC facilitates students from the Czech Republic in foreign companies; students from abroad are then practicing in Czech companies. AIESEC Ostrava is one of 8 branches in the Czech Republic.

The IAESTE Czech Republic is a student organization whose main activity is organizing international internships. IAESTE is trying to continue the successful tradition of activities and projects in personnel management and increase the number of organized international professional practices for Czech students. It also prepares students for many other useful projects such as Catalog of jobs, dance classes, social gatherings, and much more.

The University is very proud of the volunteer organization ESN VŠB-TUO, which provides a wide range of valuable services to incoming international students, as well as University students who are going abroad. One of the hallmarks of ESN VŠB –TUO is the Buddy System, where incoming international students are assigned a buddy to help adjust to their new surroundings. Though only a few years old, ESN VŠB-TUO has been recognized as one of the most active ESN chapters in Europe and has won awards for its service, which include language training, community service projects, including for students of primary school, career and internship services, social events, trips for students, and of course, the buddy system.

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