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University of Pardubice


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The University of Pardubice is now one of 26 public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and the only University in the Pardubice Region.

  • It is a modern and dynamic public higher education institution.
  • Prepares specialists for successful careers in a wide variety of professions.
  • Offers Bachelor's, Masters, and Doctoral degree study programs in more than one hundred and thirty specializations.
  • Broadens the universal scale of scientific disciplines.
  • Creates an open international community.

As far as the number of students is concerned, the University belongs with ten thousand students to the middle-sized universities in the Czech Republic.

Students can choose from different Bachelor's, follow-up Master's, and Doctoral degree programs in the following fields:

  • Natural and Technical Sciences focused on chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology and biochemistry, electrical engineering, informatics, transport and communication technologies, and material engineering.
  • Social Sciences focused on economics and administration, philology, history, philosophy, and sociology.
  • Health Sciences, including inter-disciplinary programs.
  • Arts in the field of historic preservation, art restoration, conservation techniques, and technologies.

The University offers more than sixty study programs with almost one hundred and thirty study specializations. All are designed by the Bologna Declaration and modern trends in higher education. Most Bachelor's study courses offer follow-up Master's programs. Full-time and part-time studies are available.

Apart from teaching, the University of Pardubice is renowned for its numerous scientific and research activities that contribute to an excellent national and international reputation. The numerous specialized departments and other organizations, institutions, and associations which have been operating at the University contribute to this fact.

The Miroslav Jureček Foundation and the Jan Perner Foundation play an essential role in supporting the University's educational and research activities.Individual University departments participate in international programs, participate in student and staff exchange programs, share experience in many projects, and organize prestigious international sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars.

There is much more to university life than studying. Student Council activities and the students themselves cover different areas of student life: culture, sports, and club activities. The modern facilities of the University campus, near the center of a city with a population of one hundred thousand, create ideal conditions for the all-round development of young people. Pleasant surroundings and many sports and cultural life opportunities, combined with quality and demanding study programs, are comparable to those of leading European universities at the dawn of the third millennium.

As a member of the European University Association, the University has become an active part of the European and world higher education and research area. The University of Pardubice has been extending an almost seventy-year long tradition of higher education in Pardubice. The Chemical College, later known for 40 years as the Institute of Chemical Technology, was founded in Pardubice in 1950 to answer the needs of the East Bohemian Region, a highly developed chemical industry, yet lacked professionally trained specialists in this field.

After the year 1990, the character of the Institute changed, new faculties were founded, offering a wide range of study programs not only chemistry-related. Since 1994, the new name - the University of Pardubice - has been used. The University of Pardubice is one of the 26 public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and the only higher university-type educational institution in the Pardubice Region. Its educational, scientific, research, and development activities are realized according to the Higher Education Act No. 111/1998, and towards the European Higher Education and Research Area.

The tradition of higher education in Pardubice reaches back to the first months after the Second World War. It is closely connected to the development of the transport network and food, machine and chemical industry in the city and the region. In autumn 1945, local chemical factories suggested the establishment of a chemical college in Pardubice. Five years later, on June 27, 1950, the Czech government established the Chemical Institute. The classes started on October 15, 1950, in the restored buildings of the former Technical College of Food Industry. In the following academic year, the former building of the Technical College of Engineering was reconstructed for the needs of the Chemical Institute and since then has been in use as the main building of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in the Cs. legii square.

During more than 65 years of its existence, the Institute of Chemical Technology and later the University of Pardubice has become an important center of education with more than fifteen thousand professionally trained graduates. The University, with its more than 8 thousand students and highly professional academic staff, the only higher education institution of the university type in the Pardubice region are deeply rooted in the city and the whole region enriching and inspiring them culturally.

Hopefully, the motto Omni thesauro Sapientia praestat et auro - Wisdom is more valuable than gold. All the world's treasures will be equally inspiring for the University of Pardubice in the future.

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