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Since 1890, Whitworth has held fast to its founding mission to provide "an education of mind and heart" through rigorous intellectual inquiry guided by dedicated Christian scholars. Recognized as one of the top regional colleges and universities in the West, Whitworth University has an enrollment of 3,000 students and offers 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In recent years, Whitworth has enjoyed record levels of student enrollment and retention, the most influential financial position in the university's history, and increased external visibility.
Whitworth University's 200-acre campus of red-brick buildings and tall pines offers a beautiful, inviting, and secure learning environment. More than $125 million in campus improvements have been made in recent years. In all of its endeavors, Whitworth seeks to advance its founder's mission of equipping students to "honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity."
A Whitworth University education is characterized by academic excellence, the integration of faith and learning, abundant opportunities to engage in research, internships, and practicums, study abroad, and service, and thorough preparation for a successful career with purpose.
Since 1890, Whitworth has held fast to George F. Whitworth's founding mission to provide "an education of mind and heart" through rigorous and open intellectual inquiry and the integration of Christian faith and learning. This abiding commitment and the university's many distinctive qualities are why Whitworth may be the right place for you.
If you are not afraid to ask big questions and search for truth wherever it is found if you want an outstanding education in a supportive Christian community where even the president knows you if you are serious about preparing for a successful career with purpose and if a beautiful campus of brick buildings (stately on the outside, state-of-the-art on the inside), broad lawns and tall pines in the picturesque Pacific Northwest sound like your idea of college heaven – look no further. Whitworth University is for you.
International students are an essential and active part of the Whitworth community. Current Whitworth international students come from 35 countries and every major continent. Whitworth values a diverse student body and strives to provide excellent mind-and-heart education and a welcoming, supportive community. The Whitworth International Education Center, located in Hendrick Hall, offers support and services to the university's international students. Services include help with immigration matters, particular orientation for new students, general counseling, and employment help. The IEC hosts international-oriented events and provides an inviting place for students to study and interact with classmates and staff.
Whitworth welcomes academically high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students of all nationalities, faiths, and backgrounds and celebrates the richness that this diversity contributes to our campus community. We understand how challenging it can be to find the right school to fit your educational goals, budget, and schedule. Whitworth offers several graduate programs designed for adults and is ready to prepare you for success.
U.S. News, Forbes, and Kiplinger's consistently recognize Whitworth as a "best value," based on the university's academic excellence and generous financial aid. Our dedicated financial aid counselors work with families from a broad range of economic backgrounds to finance their students' Whitworth education.
Students come to Whitworth University not just to be taught, but to learn. They come for an education. Moreover, we recognize that a sound education is not limited to the classroom or formal educational activities. There is another side to the curriculum. The student-life program is the "other side" of this educational process. It is an opportunity to deal with questions like these: "Who am I, and what are my gifts?" "How do I develop durable, trustworthy relationships?" "How do I grow spiritually, and how can I find ways to express my faith in service to others?"
Through the building of mentoring relationships and a wide variety of programs, the student-life division assists students in meeting these challenges, while affirming the growth and change that occur in their lives. Within the division, there are competent counselors, career advisors, resident directors, study-skills specialists, health educators, student-activities advisors, ethnic-minority student advisors, international-student advisors, and a chaplain this personal growth and development of leadership skills.
We invite you to become acquainted with the people and programs of Whitworth University Student Life. We want to know you, and we want you to know us. "In support of the mission of Whitworth University, the Student Life Division prepares students for the future by empowering them to become independent individuals who compassionately engage and effectively serve people and the world around them."
Whitworth University will not exclude otherwise qualified applicants or students with disabilities from participation in, or access to, academic, housing, or extracurricular programs. The phrase "Otherwise qualified" refers to students who, without consideration of disability, are admissible to the university. Program participation will not be denied to a student with a disability when that person, with reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions required of that program.
The Whitworth University, Career Services Office, is committed to providing the resources and guidance required by our students and alumni as they discover their unique talents and abilities, exercise these abilities through experiential opportunities, and effectively initiate and implement their career plans. We provide individualized advising and services to students throughout their undergraduate experience and after graduation.

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