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University of New York in Prague


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UNYP is the largest and most prominent English-language higher education institution in the Czech Republic. Over 800 students from over 60 countries form a lively educational community with an international group of instructors. Our faculty currently numbers over 100 teaching staff from over 30 countries. UNYP is proud of its accomplishments and its ability to blend the rich academic history of the Czech Republic with the best American and European higher education traditions. Our team of educators and professionals at UNYP are looking forward to a bright future of continual development and success over the years.
Prominent European and American accrediting bodies accredit our bachelor's and master's degree courses. Accreditation of your degree is essential because it affects your diploma's value and acceptance in the academic world and your future career. Accreditation is the quality assurance for the education you will receive.
Our undergraduate programs are based on the teaching styles used in American colleges and universities. Our programs are designed to introduce students to a range of academic disciplines, to prepare them to master the techniques of critical thinking, effective communication, analysis, and research, and acquire the knowledge necessary for professional specialization in a major field. All of our classes are taught in English.
UNYP students who study the American bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Communication & Media, International Relations, or Psychology have the dual degree option. Students on an American bachelor's degree program choose to major in Business Administration, Communication & Media, International Relations, or Psychology. Students meeting the requirements are awarded two separate degrees, an American degree from the State University of New York, Empire State College, and a European bachelor's degree (bakalář, Bc.) awarded by UNYP.
The University of New York in Prague is delighted to offer a range of academic study abroad opportunities for students who wish to incorporate a semester, a summer, or a year of study at UNYP into their degree studies at another university or college.
UNYP uniquely offers to our students the ability to receive both an American accredited and a European accredited degree when they choose to study on the American Bachelors' programs at UNYP. Students on an American bachelor's degree program that choose to major in Business Administration, Communication & Mass Media, International & Economic Relations, or Psychology have the option of sitting the Czech state exams upon completion of their program. Thus, upon their success in meeting requirements for the American program and completing the Czech State exams, one will graduate with two separate degrees from the State University of New York, Empire State College, and a second degree from the University of New York Prague.
Our campus is located in the beautiful and quiet district of Vinohrady, home to stunning architecture and beautiful parks just steps from Prague's center. The University campus is excellently situated between two public transport hubs, I. P. Pavlova and Náměstí Míru, for easy access to downtown or around Prague. The location provides ideal conditions for teaching and learning as well as student life.
UNYP is a private university with over 800 students from more than 60 countries, making for a very diverse and international community. Students have access not only to modern and well-equipped campus facilities but also to Prague's many cultural attractions and events.
In 2009, a research budget was established at the University of New York in Prague to support the faculty in all of the departments in their research work and to facilitate and increase the university's research output. Since then, research at UNYP has developed steadily. Our faculty members are highly active in conducting significant research and publishing their work within the Czech Republic and abroad in academic journals, research conferences, and books. UNYP faculty members also contribute to popular journals and magazines, and many are recognized as leading experts in their respective fields due to their media presence.
The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was established in April 1998 in cooperation with the State University of New York, New Paltz, and the State University of New York Empire State College. This cooperation enables UNYP to offer students the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized American bachelor's degree from the State University of New York. UNYP also works closely with its European sister college, New York College, in Athens, Greece. New York College has more than 20 years of experience in offering international bachelor's and master's degree programs, including international MBA programs, in partnership with accredited American and European universities.
UNYP has received support from public universities in Prague and continues to maintain a close relationship with Charles University, the University of Economics in Prague, and the Czech Technical University in Prague. Many of UNYP's instructors are also members of the teaching faculties at these universities. UNYP also works closely with large multinational firms in Prague, establishing internships that will allow students to apply their skills in a business setting.

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